Learning Management System Surveys

The survey functionality of the Spark Learning Management System (LMS) allows organisations to reach their learning audience with targeted surveys, creating valuable feedback and data loops that can position a business or learning strategy for success.

Evaluate and measure the success of your learning interventions

Surveys can be distributed in the same way a module is in Spark LMS. Depending on the evaluation methodology you are implementing, you can use the survey functionality to assess skills and perceptions pre training, measure the success of the learning event immediately after it has occurred or strategically engage your audience on what has been learnt and if there have been any blockers to implementing the learning in their day to day roles.

Learning Management System Surveys for instant benchmarking

Spark LMS’s survey tool was designed to help businesses understand user engagement and can be deployed for learning events, ad-hoc for campaigns and programmes or strategically to measure a businesses’ employee engagement. Simple to use and implement, you can keep your hand on the pulse throughout the year to measure engagement levels and create data that can help you evaluate your people strategy going forward.

Surveys can be customised to be distributed to targeted groups, departments and regions, and can be enabled within minutes. All answers are kept within one system, without the need for external software.

Customise surveys within the LMS

Uncover the answers, evoke discussion, base decisions on objective information, compare results. The surveys can be both anonymised and non-anonymised. The functionalities of the surveys built into Spark Learning Management System include:

  • single-line or multiple line textboxes for text answers
  • drop-down menus
  • multiple choice
  • checkboxes
  • number textboxes and number sliders
  • Likert’s and numeric Likert’s
  • currency inputs
  • ratings

In Spark, Surveys can be single or multi-page and are automatically version controlled. Additionally, the results can be exported to Excel whenever it is required.

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