Learning Management System Webinars and Events

Schedule and run remote virtual learning sessions with Spark’s Learning Management System webinar functionality. Include and engage your trainees wherever they are as a part of your blended learning approach.

Create live LMS webinar sessions in the same way as classroom training events. Spark LMS webinars are accessible on any device, whether it’s an open or closed event, thanks to the state-of-the-art system that is responsive.

Webinar LMS Video Feed

The live eLearning system supports two simultaneous feeds. That can be a choice of two webcams, two desktop shares or a mixture of the two. You can either swap between the feeds or present both at the same time, with one being the priority, and the second feed being shown as a smaller picture.

LMS with webinar chat

Receive and reply to messages from your trainees during the webinar. It can be done both individually or in a group. Visual feedback – double tick – informs you and the trainee that the message has been read.

Webinar Polls

Within the webinar feed you can also: issue a poll to the trainees, capture their answers directly on the video feed and show the results on the video feed once the poll is complete.

Remote learning live or recorded

The live video webinar feed is recorded automatically and made available to download once the webinar is complete. If you have started and stopped the webinar, each session is made available as a separate session with the audio feed for download. This is useful if you wish to create asynchronous modules (those that can occur at any time) from your live webinar events. If your trainees miss a live webinar session, you can send them a recording.

Verify that the right remote users are attending the training session

With Spark's Webinar functionality, control of user participation is easy. To ensure that your participants have not left the feed running, a feature that tracks the user’s mouse movements (or screen taps) is available. This is particularly useful if you are running any form of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or required training.

Attendance statistics and LMS Webinar data

The LMS allows you to mark the attendees as present or not, as well as passed or failed. This tracking and reporting on success of the webinar increases pass rates and improve your learners’ journey. You can also download all the chat data, poll answers and in-session time for each user.

Streamline all your blended learning activities.

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