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Make your Health and Safety training

Choose an activated learning solution, with accredited content, bespoke experiences, and a fool-proof, agile system to manage it all.

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for Health and Safety learning.

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RoSPA accredited content.

Ensure your people are certified to the Occupational Health & Safety’s gold standard, with our accredited content deployed and managed easily through the platform.

Easy Day 1 Compliance at Scale

With clients who onboard 1,500+ employees per month, we know how to make scale easy: get automated distribution; fool-proof tracking, and risk-centric reporting.

Bespoke experiences to bring your EVP to life.

Sponge has a track record of designing some of the world’s most iconic digital learning experiences. Let our experience designers inspire you, and inspire your people.

No more system overload. Learn it in less than 45...

Whether you're a learner or a learning manager: we make sure anyone can learn the system in under 45 mins.

How it works

Choose an
activated learning system

You don't want tech that's a tyrant. Unlike many of the big LMS players out there, our platform is designed to configure to the way you do things, supporting your organisation's idiosyncrasies and processes. You'll get a platform that adapts to you, with tech that eases your admin burden.

Trusted for health & safety training solutions at scale

Case studies

Health, safety, and compliance
in action.

Like any large retailer, Tesco has strict regulations to comply with. Previous compliance training had been too long, disengaging and, at times, not relevant to the role. Together, our vision was that compliance campaigns had the potential to be more exciting for employees and more effective for businesses. 

This was achieved by developing Tesco’s compliance content into ‘flow-of-work' microlearning, whilst helping enhance the efficiency and scalability of their learning programmes and providing improved data visibility. As a result of this collaboration, Tesco has streamlined their learning management process, leading to 204,000+ training modules allocated to over 9000 users and a 90%+ completion rate across all content.

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Sponge and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) worked together to deliver two blended health and safety learning solutions for IPAF’s members across the globe.

The solutions focused on site assessment and health and safety for mobile elevated working platform use. Available as both an elearning course and a blended option with instructor-led training, the solutions were well received by learners, with 91% of those trained feeling the training was effective.

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Award-winning for 20 years

Full-service solutions

Health and Safety learning
tailored to your org.

Our SME informed Health and Safety learning programmes cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Mental health at work.
  • Planning and risk reduction.
  • Safety hazards in the office.
  • First aid.
  • Working at height.
  • Fire safety.
  • Food safety. 
  • ... and much more.
Do less, but better!

the Sponge LMS.

While no technology removes risk entirely, the right tech can automate the heavy administrative load of managing training. Spark, the Sponge LMS, handles the coordination and delivery of safety learning to a high standard you can trust. This frees up your safety team to shift from being training administrators to strategic advisors, leveraging data insights to identify and mitigate emerging risks, and deploy targeted refreshers to ensure behaviours stick across the workforce.

Configured to you.

Spark is ideal for different divisions and audiences. Unlike dominant LMS brands, it configures to your org structure, multiple brands, non-employee audiences, or specific legislative requirements.

Automation you can trust.

Spark has a big focus on learning manager experience: the fool-proof design can be picked up in under 45 minutes. The rules engine has guide rails to prevent problems with automation set up.

Getting to the point.

Relevancy is everything: learners see only what they need to see, avoiding overwheling libraries of content. For managers, permissions limit visibility, so they too can focus on doing less, but better.

Advance your data maturity.

Sponge has won awards for helping clients use data to make decisions on risk across workforces of 10,000+. A bird’s-eye dashboard and deep-dive data in a few clicks surfaces key insight immediately.


Explore unforgettable Health and Safety learning management at your organisation.

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