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10 pharma people to follow for inspiration


So many voices, but who to listen to? We cut through all the chatter with our list of 10 pharma people to follow for insights and inspiration on how to engage your audiences. Whether your dealing with employee training in the pharmaceutical sector, or with external stakeholders such as patients or clinicians, this list is for you. 

On audience engagement

Sunder Ramachandran

Who: General Manager, Training at GSK Pharmaceuticals India, social & mobile learning enthusiast.

Follow for: Pharma learning.

Key thinking: “We can’t drive forward by looking at the rear-view mirror.” Read more.

Where to follow: LinkedInTwitterWebsite

Jurriaan van Rijswijk

Who: Co-founder of the Games for Health Europe Foundation, applied game architect in the field of healthcare.

Follow for: Engaging with healthcare professionals and the public on using games to promote healthy lifestyles.

Key thinking: “Ever thought of putting happiness before health profit?” Read more.

Where to follow: LinkedInTwitterWebsite

Joe Tidman

Who: Head of Learning Operations, Europe, at GSK, regular speaker at major learning conferences.

Follow for: Pharma learning.

Key thinking: “My passion is in making learning easily accessible, simple and impactful on a global scale.” Read more.

Where to follow: LinkedInTwitter   

Jill Donahue

Who: Author and pharma consultant. 

Follow for: Engaging better with pharma customers and increasing sales by being more patient-centric. 

Key thinking: “By focusing on our purpose, not only would we help more patients, we would also increase our sales! It’s time we moved our intentions to actions to put the patient first.” Read more. 

Where to follow: LinkedInTwitterWebsite

Andrew Schorr

Who: Medical journalist & author, founder of, global patient advocate.

Follow for: Engaging with patients and the public.

Key thinking: “[Pharma companies] should have more of an ongoing dialogue, and across many departments, with patients and family members affected by the conditions they treat or where they are developing new products.” Read more.  

Where to follow: LinkedInTwitterWebsite  

Freda Lewis-Hall

Who: Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Office at Pfizer, leading pharma thinker.

Follow for: Pharma industry and public engagement.

Key thinking: “We hope that more people will come to realise what it takes to invent, develop and prove a new medicine or vaccine, and the value of these innovations. With better understanding can come a more productive environment for progress.” Read more.

Where to follow: LinkedIn

John Mack (aka Pharmaguy)

Who:, pharma pundit and publisher.

Follow for: Pharma marketing.

Key thinking: “I am a constructive critic of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Where to follow: LinkedInTwitterWebsite

Guy Yeoman

Who: VP, Patient Centricity at Astra Zeneca.

Follow for: Patient centricity.

Key thinking: “We want to ensure that patients will have helped to shape their medicines of tomorrow. By doing so, they'll truly value and understand the benefit of taking these medicines." Read more.

Where to follow: LinkedIn

Fiona Leteney

Who: Learning analyst at Fosway Group, formerly with Bupa, elearning columnist.

Follow for: Digital learning technology in pharma.

Key thinking: “The Instructional Designer’s job is not to build training but to improve the performance of people on the job.” Read more.  

Where to follow: LinkedInTwitter