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Home / Medien / Lernen für das Metaverse gestalten: Die Sicht eines Experten - Teil Zwei (engl.)

Lernen für das Metaverse gestalten: Die Sicht eines Experten - Teil Zwei (engl.)


In this episode of Expert Views, we continue to explore learning in the Metaverse with Karl Kapp, professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University. This time, Karl discusses examples of virtual learning experiences, as well as outlining key concepts of the Metaverse in his cutting-edge course: "Designing Learning Experiences in the Metaverse."

Karl highlights that virtual environments give people the ability to learn in a tangible way. By making those learning experiences more visceral, they are more memorable and easier to recall when needed.

Virtual training scenarios already exist for emergency services responders, allowing them to engage in what would normally be high-stress - and potentially dangerous - training in a safe, controlled environment. Using virtual methods for this kind of learning experience also allows for data tracking and collection, meaning that learning choices can offer personalised feedback to participants.

Karl also explains how his course, "Designing Learning Experiences in the Metaverse", can help people start to use the Metaverse to create captivating learning experiences.

Watch the video to find out more.