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The Future is Mobile


Mobile technology has revolutionised the way we search for information, the way we make decisions and now, it’s shaping the way that we learn.

The internet birthed e-learning, which has now sparked the rise of ‘m-learning.’ Statistics have revealed that a third of web searches are now done using a mobile device, and this shift in behaviour hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The overwhelming embrace of smartphone technology has caused businesses to rethink their company training in terms of accessibility and convenience. Online learning provided businesses with an effective and financially viable solution for in-house training. However, recent years have seen the mobilization of the internet; people can have access to it everywhere they go via mobile devices. ‘M-learning’ merges mobile computing and e-learning for anywhere, anytime education.

M-learning provides the solution to many issues that may prevent a company from adopting online learning schemes. As the sales of smartphones and mobile devices continue to surge, business owners are turning to m-learning for flexible solutions, just some of the benefits are:

Indefinite Availability

Though essentially e-learning is available 24/7, it requires the learner to be at a computer and have an internet connection. The progression of 3G and 4G connected devices – plus Wi-Fi hotspots - mean that learners can access the internet using their handheld device with minimal constraints.

Downtime Learning

In today’s busy lifestyles, time for learning is sparse. Nonetheless, whether in a queue, during a commute or at the end of the day – we all have downtime that could be better spent doing something constructive. This is where mobile learning comes in. It can slot itself nicely into the daily routine of even the busiest person; by being right there in their pocket just a few clicks away.

Bridge the Digital Divide

Technology continues to advance at break-neck speed, and the gap in the digital divide expands further. However, the smart technology of mobile devices offers a cost-effective solution for more modest companies – allowing them to enjoy the same benefits as more technologically developed businesses.

Engage lost learners

Schools, colleges and universities now teach in an entirely different way. Gone is the pen and paper - notes are made on laptops, netbooks and now mobile phones. Technology is the perfect way to reach out to learners who have become disengaged from typical company training and traditional learning styles. 

Avoids Information Overload

Show someone a screen full of facts, figures and diagrams and watch what happens. The brain is flooded with so much information that it immediately enters panic mode. Users will either glaze over or frenziedly try to absorb as much of the information as possible. Due to the smaller screen size of mobile devices, users are fed information in bitesize chunks, so information overload is minimised.

Collaborative learning for shared knowledge

Mobile learning provides an easy means of access and communication for all employees. This allows learners to share their knowledge, and also help each other to overcome any difficulties they may have with the material. 

Improve confidence

Knowing that the information needed is in your pocket, just a few clicks away, can greatly improve user confidence. This means that the material is available at the ‘point of need’ so bad practices and misinformation become eradicated.

Our everyday work activities are mobile – communication, commerce and search. Take learning to the next level and go mobile. Allow your trainees to access your teachings whenever they want and whenever they need to. BOLT Learning can create online training that is optimised for use on mobile devices. This won’t break the bank either; we build one training module that works across all mobile devices - clever.