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The Key to Company Success is in Your Pocket; and all of Your Employee’s Pockets Too


Picture the scene, an employee is recruited and joins the business pretty close to the bottom rung of the company’s career ladder. Yet, a year and a half later they have secured a job within management. How? By taking advantage of all available learning opportunities, the underdog quickly became a top performer.

Let’s rewind eighteen months. Individually, the new employee has little in the way of industry knowledge or experience but, luckily, the company provides access to online training – for all employee positions from entry-level to management posts.

Upon looking into the available training, the employee notices that training can be done anywhere; at work on a desktop or out of hours on a connected mobile device. The employee enlists their weapon of choice – their own tablet – to put in some serious training time. Idle time spent snoozing on the train to work is now used to develop product knowledge; an extra half an hour is completed during free time at home and confidence and knowledge escalates. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by peers and managers alike: soon the employee is well ahead of their staff cohorts, is exceeding targets and consistently performing above expectations.

Opportunity + Ambition = Success

The employee quickly secures a succession of promotions and now they have reached management level – all achieved within a short period of time from initially setting foot in the company. Powerful training creates a symbiotic relationship between business and employee – it sounds fancy, but basically it’s a posh way of saying it’s mutually beneficial. As employee knowledge grows, as does their efficiency and confidence – meaning more, quality work is being achieved within their working day. Meanwhile, skills and understanding can be honed to perfection during ‘down time’ thanks to being able to use any device for company training.

This particular employee noticed that learning modules were available which were not directly linked to their role. Rather than considering this information to be irrelevant or a waste of time, these modules were studied and completed, giving the employee a greater depth of knowledge and well-rounded personal development. This also gave the employee the sense that they were not restricted to one chosen career path, and could progress and apply their strengths to different areas of the business.

Learn comfortably with BYOD

Training that is designed for the variety of devices on the market today means that employees can use any connected device to learn with. Many companies are wisely turning to BYOD (bring your own device) learning as it makes sound business sense. A device they have chosen, are comfortable with and enjoy using creates a positive learning environment for new information to be absorbed and retained. Plus, this significantly reduces cost for employers who would typically have to provide these devices – devices which employees already have, use and carry with them on a day-to-day basis.

Boring journey ahead? Got spare time in-between meetings? Dull daily commute? Complete a learning module to improve your knowledge and spend your unproductive time productively.