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Sponge showcases GDPR learning game at business leaders…


GDPR, Eprivacy & Digital Marketing Conf - 8 Nov

C-level decision-makers will see at first hand the learning power of games in helping to keep their businesses safe, when custom  digital learning company, Sponge attends a major GDPR conference in November. 

Sponge will be showcasing its GDPR Sorted! learning game and revealing the remarkable early results at the GDPR, Eprivacy & Digital Marketing Conference at the Madejski Stadium, Reading on Thursday, 8 November. Sponge experts will be there to discuss bespoke and continuous GDPR compliance training solutions. 

The event, organised by the Executive Leaders Network (ExecLN), is a full day of presentations and debate on all aspects of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. 

GDPR, the biggest shake-up in privacy and data laws for 20 years, has brought into sharp focus the role of employees in keeping data safe, as well as the importance of delivering appropriate, effective and engaging training to support them in protecting data and avoiding breaches. 

Sponge worked with GDPR subject experts to create GDPR Sorted!, which uses learning game theory and mechanics to embed core GDPR principles. It’s optimised for mobile game play but is equally effective as a desktop version. 

In the game, employees learn what data is protected under GDPR and who they can and can’t share the data with. On completion, they will have demonstrated they can correctly identify a breach risk and know how to respond.

The game also reinforces the questions they must ask in their jobs, such as: Where does the consent come from? Has the process been transparent? Is this legitimate use of the data? Should I report this? 

Attendees at the ExecLN conference will get the chance to play the game.  Members of the Sponge team will be on hand to answer questions and discuss the early results being seen by organisations using the game as part of their GDPR training strategy.  The analysis to date of more than 5,000 players worldwide reveals:


•          16% of people playing in their own time, including on a Saturday night!

•          27% of people playing the game multiple times

•          27 minutes average playing duration


One organisation with a workforce of 2,200 achieved a 90% completion rate of the game in less than four weeks. Internal research by Sponge provides additional insights, including:


  • 58% knowledge lift
  • 91% enjoyed playing the game
  • 38% increase in confidence when applying GDPR
"People are playing our game over and over, in their own time, trying to beat their previous scores, and in doing so they are reinforcing their knowledge of GDPR." James Foster GDPR Solutions Specialist Sponge

For company executives, the game offers exceptional value – and peace of mind. GDPR Solutions Specialist at Sponge, James Foster, said: 

“GDPR can’t be treated as a box-ticking exercise. The learning must demonstrably ‘go in’ and ‘stay in’ for people to behave in a way that respects and protects personal data. Therefore, GDPR training has to engage employees. The results from GDPR Sorted! show what can be achieved when this happens. People are playing our game over and over, in their own time, trying to beat their previous scores, and in doing so they are reinforcing their knowledge of GDPR. 

“And because the game uses the sort of scenarios they face in their real jobs, they’re able to make decisions safely. They’re actually learning GDPR best practice as they play.”

Delegates can speak to James about how the game can be tailored to meet their specific business requirements at the Sponge stand in the main exhibition area.  And it’s also a chance for delegates to put their own GDPR knowledge to the test by playing the game for themselves!