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Sponge Learning releases new eLearning Online Review System to optimise training development


Traditional reviewing methods are inefficient

Reviewing elearning modules and making comments and amendments is an essential stage in the development of a training solution. However, the review process for training modules has traditionally been very clunky, time-consuming and rife with human error, with content review only possible after module completion. It often involves taking several screenshots of the modules and writing lengthy comments in an endless email chain which goes back and forth between stakeholders within a client and the elearning content development team.

Not only is this process long and tedious, but it is also prone to human errors and misunderstandings that can cause everything to run even less smoothly. To push the boundaries of elearning technology and make the development of training solutions as efficient as possible, Sponge has created a new online Elearning Review System that allows clients to easily review training modules at every stage of development.

Sponge's revolutionary system

With our new Online Elearning Review System, we create an environment where clients can collaborate with our team of learning designers and graphic designers to review a module at the same time, as it is being built. We provide clients with the chance to be involved right in the development process instead of having to wait until the module has been completed. Stakeholders can access the elearning module, highlight specific parts or elements of the screen (even videos, games or interactive activities), log their comments in the review panel on the right-hand side and then submit a ticket.

Every ticket is then digitally tracked by the Content Review System, removing any possibility of human error. The system keeps track of tickets and notifies when our team has acted to review the content. The Online elearning Review System is responsive and can be used to review content from tablets and mobile devices, and it even detects which device is being used, allowing device-specific tickets to be submitted.

As we release this new Online Elearning Review System, we are taking another step ahead to make the elearning as efficient as possible. With our ability to create high-quality tailored online training modules, Sponge can build bespoke, tailored elearning modules to precisely fit your business needs. This new feature ensures you are happy at every stage in the development of the training solution.