Ignite - elearning Content Authoring Tool

At Sponge, we have developed a content authoring tool that enables us to create engaging elearning content rapidly and at scale. Our Ignite content authoring tool delivers valuable time and cost savings.

With Ignite you can:

  • Work on any screen size as the content authoring tool is responsive
  • Create active learning & engaging interactions: role plays, interactive videos, image maps, popups, revealers, 360 image spheres, etc
  • Deliver content swiftly, as elearning content creation is intuitive (the designer needs no knowledge of coding)
  • Author content at the same time as graphics are being done - multi-author for better speed
  • Track and measure how training is used​ (with Spark LMS)
  • Quickly deliver training in learners' native language - with a rapid translation system and XLIFF export
  • Interactive review system allows capturing and tracking review comments for speed and efficiency in quality checking and assurance
  • Create variants: one core module with variations for different legislation, geography and the like, as well as accessibility-enabled modules for people with disabilities
  • Publishing to SCORM & Tin Can standards

Content Authoring tool with advanced features

Our content authoring tool, Ignite can be branded to your company's requirements through centrally controlled branding options, allowing instant change across the whole elearning course. Strengthening consistency and brand awareness.

Together with Spark our Learning Management System , Ignite makes it possible for Facial Recognition to be triggered from within the module, either when a learner is in the middle of the training, during a particular knowledge check, or immediately before or during a final assessment.

Ignite also allows for:

  • Narration to be added to the module (text to speech for speed)
  • Timers for a gamified learning experience
  • Static pages and resources
  • Centrally controlled question bank with range of question types (cloze test, fuzzy text input, etc)
  • Capturing reflective feedback
  • Automated versioning
  • Virtual systems

At Sponge, we are also here to provide support and training if needed.

Streamline your elearning content creation.

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