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Damit Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Schulungen übernehmen können, hat Sponge hochmoderne Systeme entwickelt, die Ihre Lernstrategie sowohl umsetzen als auch ergänzen.

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Thought Leadership Series Benefits of 'chunking' - Part 2

Benefits of 'chunking' - Part 2 Earlier this week, we posted about one of the benefits of ‘chunking’ - breaking down elearning into bitesize pieces. But of…

Thought Leadership Series Benefits of 'chunking' - Part 1

Benefits of 'chunking' - Part 1 Following our seminar at Learning Technologies last month, we've had quite a few people asking us about ‘chunking’ -…

Thought Leadership Series All around the world learning

For global companies, replicating the same training throughout every location can seem near impossible. Ensuring content is localised, is contextually relevant and culturally correct seems like a mountainous challenge. However, learning experts hold the key to international success

News Visit Sponge at the CIPD L&D Show

Visit Sponge at the CIPD L&D Show Leading elearning company, Sponge will be exhibiting at the CIPD L&D Show at Kensington Olympia this spring. The show, which…

Thought Leadership Series The Future is Mobile

Mobile technology has revolutionised the way we search for information, the way we make decisions and now, it’s shaping the way that we learn.

Thought Leadership Series 5 Best Practices for Knowledge Retention

The majority of the challenges we face – whether these are at work or within education – are based around gaps in skills, knowledge retention and training. But how do we store, interpret and use information?

Thought Leadership Series How to optimise web sites for mobile browsing?

Web traffic analytics show that on average over 20% of our customers web traffic is generated from mobile devices. This shows that optimising a website for mobile usage is crucial. Here are some aspects you should consider when making your site mobile friendly.