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Thought Leadership Series PODCAST: Learning from other worlds - with Josh Cardoz

We flip the script in episode twelve of The Unforgettable Learning Podcast, as Josh Cardoz, Chief Learning and Creative Officer at Sponge, joins the podcast to discuss the influences L&D can take from other worlds, in a conversation informed by Kate’s experience at the SXSW tech conference.

Thought Leadership Series PODCAST: Frontline enablement - with JD Dillon.

JD Dillon brings over 20 years of experience enabling frontline workforces to the ULP, from his start as a Disney cast member to roles in L&D and authoring “The Modern Learning Ecosystem”.

Thought Leadership Series PODCAST: Tech innovation for L&D - with Chad Udell.

In episode ten of The Unforgettable Learning Podcast, Chad Udell, CEO of SparkLearn and author of "Shock of the New," shares his vision for more personalised, engaging experiences powered by AI and emerging tech.

Thought Leadership Series Building unforgettable onboarding for the hybrid workplace.

In this article, Beth Chudley, a Lead Learning Experience Consultant at Sponge, draws on insights from client projects to spotlight what new hears often think but don’t say about onboarding. From pre-day one doubts to feeling unprepared, she outlines key pain points and the steps you can take to turn generic, by the numbers onboarding into an unforgettable first touchpoint.

Thought Leadership Series How to get the most out of your behaviour change interventions.

It goes without saying that considering ROI when designing learning is important. But how can we prove where that return is coming from or, better yet, pinpoint the exact behaviour we know will see the biggest ROI? We explore just that in this blog post.

Thought Leadership Series PODCAST: Longtermism in learning – with Beth Chudley and Tom Griffiths.

In episode 7 of The Unforgettable Learning Podcast, Learning Experience Consultants from The Practice at Sponge, Beth Chudley and Tom Griffiths, discuss the ins and outs of long-term learning strategies – and how to build resilient partnerships that make innovation possible.

Thought Leadership Series ESG and Sustainability Enablement Roundtable.

In the Sponge ESG and Sustainability Roundtable, experts from global organisations share their insights into the role L&D plays in enabling lasting and impactful change at large multi-nationals.