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How to help your salespeople with digital learning


What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement means giving your sales representatives the tools, knowledge and skills they need to maximise the value of their deals and boost your revenue.

Salespeople are on the front line of an enterprise, tasked with closing as many valuable deals as possible to stimulate the company’s growth. Indeed, members of the sales team require intensive, structured training: they must have a consistent understanding of the business, its culture, its products and the way they should be interacting with customers or future customers.

However, developing training content for sales staff is not always simple; firstly, because they are often very busy and don’t appreciate having their time taken up with long, event-based training sessions, and secondly because the products, skills and customer demands that they need to learn are constantly evolving.

The endless flow of new information and new opportunities to enable your sales team to work effectively cannot be managed with occasional, classroom-based training sessions – yet more than 75% of U.S. are reported to use classroom training as their primary way to train salespeople.

How can digital learning become a tool for Sales Enablement?

Recent research has shown that digital learning platforms offer valuable opportunities to improve sales enablement and grow your company’s revenue. A modern learning management system (LMS) can provide your sales team with the tools and skills they need to meet their business goals. Learning platforms help you reach all your salespeople, wherever they are and at any moment, and ensure that they always have access to the latest information – and that their knowledge is always up-to-date, thanks to knowledge checkers and refreshers.

Managing sales training via a digital platform also suits a global, geographically-spread or multi-lingual sales team; training and sales materials can be translated into different languages and distributed accordingly. An LMS can also ensure that different teams only receive training on their local or relevant products and services.

Not only is digital learning practical – it has also been proven to foster better learning

Using bite-sized training courses, interactive videos or gamification features are just some of the ways in which eLearning improves learning retention. Considering that we forget about 80% of the information we learn if it’s not recalled within two weeks of learning it, it seems evident that eLearning can better support learners in the long term by providing them with a training that is continuous rather than one-off, or by employing it as part of a wider face-to-face training scheme.

Sponge and our LMS can help you deliver high-impact training to your salespeople and improve sales enablement. Contact us to find out how our digital training solutions can drive your sales.