Spark: Learning Management System

Spark is our cloud-based Learning Management System that allows you to deploy and monitor all your learning experiences from one digital platform. Powered by cutting-edge technology, it is designed to enhance the learner experience and realise measurable business benefits for organisations who value deep learner insights, automation and efficiency.

It is a truly cloud based LMS, utilising Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services technology to provide a fast, secure solution anywhere in the globe. As with all modern web-based technology, it is responsive allowing any device, desktop, tablet or mobile to access on demand, 24/7/365.

Here are some of the features that you can use in Spark LMS to transform learning in your organisation:

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Our cloud Learning Management System was designed and built to focus on the user experience, keeping the interface simple and intuitive whilst providing flexibility and power.

Learners get instant access to a wide range of training elements from elearning modules (which are available from our extensive library or can be built bespoke), surveys, assignments, webinars and events, and can even access performance review functionality through any browser.


The Learning Management System, with its sophisticated analytics, gives managers at any level of the company hierarchy both a birds’ eye view of learning success and the ability to drill down to granular detail seeing exactly how a learner has performed. It can even provide insight to the answers given to individual questions within a module.

Advanced Features of Spark Learning Management System

From gamification to facial recognition, Spark’s extensive set of features make it a learning experience platform for the future. Whilst most of the problems companies are trying to solve can be handled within Spark, where they cannot we have a bespoke software development team who build wrappers that connect to Spark via the API and can extend the functionality even further.

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