Bespoke Digital Learning

Creative digital learning is our craft, our heart and our soul. With almost two decades in the digital learning industry, partnering with some of the world's biggest organisations, we bring extensive expertise and creativity to deliver truly effective bespoke digital learning experiences.

We are used to working closely with out customers to deliver learning that keeps people engaged, motivated and performing at their best every day. We take a human-centered approach, we underpin our bespoke digital learning with perspectives from neuroscience, psychology and design, and we wrap it all up to meet your organisational goals and ambitions.

Our services include:

Learning experiences to delight and inspire

At Sponge, we focus on the whole learning experience. It's an aspect of our holistic approach, it's backed by science, it's human-centered, it's common sense.

Your audience is busy, inundated with information and focused on doing their jobs well. How do we appeal to them? How do we ensure their attention and attentiveness? Focusing on the bespoke digital learning experience means weaving learning into their day. This might be delivering automated content to them via email or text, taking a blended approach to build knowledge over time rather than in one hit, engaging them with 360 video learning where they are active participants, or building experiences where your people take centre-stage and learn socially from one another, exemplifying your learning culture.

Learning experiences go beyond 'elearning'. They focus on strategies and tactics that are scientifically robust yet rooted in practicality – with the aim of inspiring people to smile, engage, learn and transfer their skills.

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