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How can a cloud based LMS support my business?


A cloud based LMS or an installed solution – that is one of the first challenges any organisation comes across when it comes to choosing a learning management system.

So, what is cloud based LMS and how it can support your business?

Traditionally, when companies or organisations wanted to issue online training or digital learning on-the-job, they would have had to install a learning management system onto their own servers. It takes time, needs updates, and also needs a dedicated team of IT experts for support.

Enter The Cloud. Or better said, the cloud based LMS. The Learning Management System is situated on a remote server and is maintained by your elearning provider – in this case, us. The beauty of it is that we can provide it to your end-users anywhere, anytime and through any internet browser.

What makes a cloud based LMS so powerful? Read on.

Cloud Based LMS is flexible and adaptable

Using a Cloud Based LMS allows us to be flexible and adaptable with how many users we add and how we maintain our user base. Instead of predicting - or guesstimating - what the learning needs of your business are, and paying a one-time fee based on those estimates, like in the traditional hosting methods, you can adjust your numbers far more easily.

With a Cloud Based LMS, your elearning provider, like Sponge, only pays for as much server space as we need. This subscription-based model allows us to be much more flexible in how we provide elearning to our customers. 

An approach like this entails the ability and agility to adjust and adapt to a customer’s wants and needs with unprecedented ease and speed, allowing to shorten the time of delivery of training to their employees, as well as freeing up the time of the company's IT teams.

The excess steps in adding users and distributing training are either shortened or omitted altogether. Cloud Based LMS allows for adding or removing learners, whole departments, regions or brands with just a few clicks. 

Cloud Based LMS is ready when you are

Subscribe to our LMS on Wednesday and have your learners work their way through some of our elearning base modules on Thursday? How?

This is our favourite benefit of using the Cloud to host our LMS. Because there is no time spent on building software, it is as simple as uploading course content and then distributing it to your trainee base.

Although building elearning modules and content takes time - especially if the modules are bespoke - our off-the-shelf modules can be issued straight away on a Cloud Based LMS.

Cloud Based LMS saves money

The Cloud is an innovative and cost-effective solution and elearning modules, content and the LMS are all stored in it. As a result, there’s no need to purchase any hardware or software.

As a customer, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your own in-house server, there are no fees for installation and you don’t have to worry about having IT staff manage an on-site LMS. Cloud based LMS, like other cloud infrastructures, also supports the environmental policies of your company, by powering virtual products and services.

It can help cut down on commuter-related emissions, paper waste and costs related to purchasing hardware - and its recycling. All these savings in money and manpower mean that we, as an LMS and elearning provider, can focus our money and efforts on further innovations, like facial recognition and virtual reality

Cloud Based LMS stores your information securely

Some of the main challenges that have presented themselves when installing an LMS on a company server proved to be backing up the data. It meant that you had to have extra servers, which meant more electricity, more maintenance. With the cloud based LMS the restoring system backups are one of the basic cloud security controls.

The robust policies and practices of cloud service providers, as well as tough compliance procedures mean that your information is far more secure on a cloud based LMS. Furthermore, the resources and the know-how remote server operators possess when it comes to prevention and testing the robustness of their systems is an asset on its own.  

Cloud Based LMS can be updated immediately and easily

With traditional hosting methods like installed software, updates can be a time-consuming annoyance that has to be downloaded and installed. Usually, the software providers would bundle these updates into occasional releases – where you have to download and activate updates before you can continue using the software.

A Cloud Based LMS can be updated continually without any interruptions to your trainees, and you can experience the benefits of the updates straight away - all the IT support is provided by your LMS provider.

If you'd like an instantly accessible and innovative elearning solution, our team is ready to introduce you to further benefits of a cloud based Learning Management System.