Learning Management System with Facial Recognition

Our Spark Learning Management System has an integrated facial recognition capacity that gives you peace of mind knowing that the right people are doing the right training. The cutting-edge facial recognition software can detect the learner's biometric features, based on set percentage accuracy even when a camera has captured the face at an angle.


Facial Recognition enabled LMS

Capture images on a set schedule, randomly throughout the training session, or at key points within the training – when answering an exam question, for example. Storing the captured images against each training session provides a powerful audit trail for compliance and regulatory purposes.


Spark LMS can also detect if there’s more than one face present in a single image, allowing you to disable the training if more than one face is found.

Facial recognition can be tailored to your requirements so that you know exactly when and who is taking the training or sitting an exam.

Some of the possible applications of facial recognition within an LMS are:

  • attendance monitoring - especially in environments where fraudulent attendance is commonplace ("fake attendance" or "proxies")
  • authenticating online learners - ensuring that the right learners are accessing the correct online educational content
  • detecting learners' engagement with the material - highlighting boredom, confusion or delight, for example, and highlighting opportunities to develop more engaging content for your trainees.

Director of Operations, IPAF

Giles Councell

"We have seen how effective the facial recognition technology is, as it has been used in our revamped MEWPs for Managers course. It was a logical step to integrate this additional security measure into the existing IPAF operator theory elearning module."

Know exactly who is taking the training.

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