Off The Shelf Elearning Courses - Ready-to-go Optimised for Mobile

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality, responsive off-the-shelf elearning courses - all of which can be deployed almost instantly and tailored if required.

Our sister company Skill Pill is the industry leader in microlearning for leadership, management, sales and personal effectiveness.

We have a brand new range of off-the-shelf elearning courses covering financial crime and compliance. These have been created through our alliance with Temple Grange Partners, the leading financial crime and compliance (FCC) consultancy practice.

Our applied games in EU GDPR, Anti-bribery and Cybersecurity rapidly – and enjoyably – build knowledge, mastery and confidence.

And our responsive elearning courses enable you to get up and running quickly in compliance, health and safety, human resources, cyber and data security, wellbeing, retail, and management & leadership. Explore the range:

Elearning courses, ready to go.

We offer a high degree of customisation of our ready-to-go elearning courses. Contact us and see how we can support you.

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