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Learning that wows and works.

Sponge works with large enterprises who are seeking to create exceptional learning organisations to gain competitive advantage in their industry. Our full range of learning technology services - including strategic consulting, learning systems, content production, and data solutions - can serve almost any learning requirement. But it's our pedigree as a long-term leader in cutting-edge, creative learning design that means we stand out for our customers. With Sponge, you get memorable and powerful workplace learning experiences that really stick.

L&D Strategy

Strategic consulting to shift learning cultures and create real impact at scale.

Learning Content

From plug-and-play to boundary-pushing custom design - Sponge is one of the world's leading learning content houses.

Learning Systems

Our cloud-based learning system, Spark, is a leading, multi-feature Learning Management System.

Learning Insights

Our experts provide analytics that combine with our learning for sophisticated insights on how your learning is working.

A premium learner experience: for maximum enterprise impact.

A highly engaging, human experience is always at the heart of meaningful learning. Sponge is uniquely placed to deliver this, with our long pedigree as industry leaders in cutting edge, creative design and production. We rely upon learning science to shape and substantiate this experience-first approach, and then surround it with the required technology, systems, management, and measurement you require to deliver scaled-up organisational change. 


Bespoke learning solutions to suit your organisation.

Following the acquisition of Idox Compliance in 2021, Sponge is uniquely positioned to combine our market-leading understanding of what makes learning work, with a deep domain experience of Governance, Risk, and Compliance topics. We feel strongly that such a crucial and wide-ranging topic, one that’s present across every regulated sector, deserves our special attention. That’s why each course is imbued with everything we’ve learned to make it unforgettable.

From GSK to Coca-Cola, we’ve been challenged by the most recognised global brands to make learning unforgettable. We’ve responded with bespoke virtual reality training, award-winning games, immersive experiences, and large-scale blended enterprise learning solutions... The result? Learners that are engaged, rewarded, more confident and eager to put their learning into practice. Many of these relationships are enduring and we’re trusted to create fresh solutions year on year.

Our specialist teams have worked in their sectors for many years, know how they operate and are able to bring their experience of your world into each unique learning solution. Whether you’re in technology, pharma & healthcare, financial & professional services, manufacturing and automotive, or retail and distribution, Sponge’s approach is rooted in the same, deep understanding of learner behaviour.

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