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LMS for
extended enterprise.

The ability to manage diversity within your organisation – whether it's structural, technical, regulatory, or cultural – is one of the fastest growing business needs. To deploy rapid responses to emerging challenges across complex organisations, you need united systems that are well adapted to the way your business functions. Spark’s dynamic configuration will map to your org structure, no matter how complex, and consolidate your processes so you can surface a single view of data and insights across multiple divisions, take rapid action, reduce tech bloat, and create cost efficiencies.

Unlock agility and ROI

for extended enterprise.

Spark's dynamic configuration to your org structure allows you to apply specific rules for automations to as many sub brands, audiences, or other organisational idiosyncrasies as you need. The simple user interface offers a foolproof way to configure the platform to your specific structure, providing the right guide rails and prompts along the way so you avoid any complications that would cause problems in the system. And, if you’re a B2B company assigning training to third parties, Spark also provides this functionality.

Extract maximum value.

Use your LMS to impact revenue metrics, ability to serve, cost metrics, economies of scale, and efficiency metrics.

Ready for global enterprise.

Supporting certification and training in different languages, Spark can be populated easily with Sponge's multi-lingual and localised off-the-shelf learning offerings.

A partner from day 1.

We help you find where the use of your new platform can save you hard cash from Day 1.

Agility in the face of compliance challenges
even as you grow and transform.

As your business becomes more complex and diverse, you're met with a double challenge: compliance requirements increase in scale and scope, just as your visibility and control reduces. However, with our consolidated system, you get one unified view of the critical data, and accelerate time to roll out consistent policies and training interventions - giving you more control and agility in responding to emergent risks.

LMS with
strategic consultancy.

We pride ourselves on our ability to simplify the complexity in your organisation. We want you to be able to reduce the noise, surface the critical insights, validate them with data, and respond with agile interventions quickly. And we know no LMS is going to do this for you on its own.

Our clients get the benefit of partner consultancy to support you in understanding what your data is telling you about employee lifecycles, risk, and people strategy across your business, and we work with you to help plug in your stakeholders, communicate the important stories, all with the ultimate goal of helping you to capture more funding for building unforgettable people experiences.

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