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sector solutions.

Different industries are faced with different people challenges. Whilst Spark, the Sponge LMS, configures easily to a wide range of organisations, we have expertise in sectors where high volume, high-turnover staff and a non-desktop workforce throw up unique challenge for talent leaders responsible for critical training.

Unforgettable learning, delivered for the world’s biggest brands.

Sector-specific learning solutions with a dynamic LMS

Sector solutions
with Spark.

Whether you need to ensure busy shopfloor are meeting regulatory requirements, you’re preparing for rapid store expansion, or are after a system that can handle high-volume onboarding, we know you need an LMS that reduces complexity, rather than adding to it. Explore how Spark empowers you to offer memorable onboarding experiences in the flow of work and make informed decisions regarding risks for workforces of up to 10,000+.

LMS for retail

Ensuring standards are met is tough in the constantly changing workforces in hospitality and leisure. Whether ensuring your teams are well-versed in crucial food safety protocols, cultivating exemplary customer service through inspiring learning, or guaranteeing strict adherence to ever-evolving industry regulations, you need a dynamic and straightforward LMS. Discover how Spark can alleviate the burden of mandatory training, clearing way for creative approaches to learning that makes for happier staff and so... happier customers.

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Spark is the LMS to equip your site workers with on-the-go health and safety and compliance. Tested even in high-consequence industries, it seamlessly pairs with RoSPA-accredited Health and Safety courses, essential mental health and diversity materials, and a collection of over 400 soft skills modules, Spark is tailor made to help keep your employees safe, healthy, and up to date on regulation.

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LMS for
for highly regulated industries.

Spark is designed to make learning management simple and agile with data focused on surfacing critical, real-time insights that show you were risk is, alongside just-in-time trianing solutions. Whether you’re responsible for regulations that ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals or rigorous standards in financial transactions, Spark’s dynamism allows you to spot risk at a glance and take rapid action.

Complex problems
simplified with Spark.

Discover learning solutions with a dynamic LMS that configures to your organisation’s unique needs.

The world of compliance is always evolving. Spark is designed to shoulder the administrative burden, transitioning your compliance role from administrative upkeep to a proactive strategist, foreseeing risks and responding with flexibility.

Your onboarding needs to be flexible, and so should your LMS. Spark makes your onboarding both efficient and adaptable, ensuring it aligns with your organisation's ever-shifting landscape.

Spark seamlessly aligns with even the most intricate organisational structures, streamlining processes to provide a unified data perspective across various divisions. This enables swift actions, minimises tech redundancy, and drives cost efficiency.

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