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LMS for
hospitality and leisure.

From food and fire safety training to ensuring compliance with the latest hotel regulations, Spark, the Sponge LMS, dynamically adapts to your organisation to ensure your employees receive the learning they need from front of house to back-office management.

Invigorate your workforce with an LMS designed to be accessed on the go, enable self-service compliance training, and build skills for the future. Spark flexes to your organisation to help you to deliver unforgettable learning pathways and make data-driven decisions about risk across your workforce, letting you focus on delivering the best guest experiences possible.

Tech that makes things simple

Lighten the load
with a system you can trust.

We know that managing a constant churn of recruitment and movers brings specific challenges. Spark automates your workflows, integrating with your HRIS platforms to ensure employees have the learning they need. Whether that’s a hotel cleaner at a roadside site at dawn or a new team leader refreshing their management skills, joiners and leavers are updated, the right training is assigned, and internal movers get the right training.

the system.

With a 99.99% uptime, Spark will reliably ensure your employees can complete the training they need to do their job safely and legally.

The platform is fully responsive and cloud-based, allowing end-to-end compliance training, documentation, and eSignatures to be managed, even from a mobile.

Streamlined and simple

Spark gets the fundamentals right.

Train anyone in 45 minutes.

Our core design principle is simplicity. Spark prioritises both learner and manager experience, ensuring anyone can master the system in just 45 minutes.

Responsive and mobile optimised.

Spark fully optimises to any device - including allowing users to move between devices midway through training – perfect for busy front of house employees that are always on the move.

No more content overwhelm.

Learners get focused, time-sensitive deployments of targeted learning, along with a simple view of the mandatory training and documentation they need to complete.

Another step towards data maturity.

Spark’s data dashboard is simple to read yet provides deep insight to help you analyse performance.
No more getting lost in the system

Simplify the complex
with Spark.

Spark users see only the information that's relevant to them. Learners don't get mass libraries of content: they get focused, time-sensitive deployments of targeted learning, along with a simple view of the mandatory training and documentation they need to complete. This makes navigation and completion simple and satisfying.

Complex solutions,
made simple.

Discover learning solutions with a dynamic LMS that configures to your organisation’s unique needs.

Discover how Spark helps you to deliver unforgettable onboarding and make data-driven decisions across workforces of 10,000+.

Spark is the LMS that gives your site workers compliance in their pocket and goes hand-in-hand with RoSPA accredited Health and Safety courses, mental health and diversity content, and a library of 400+ soft skills modules.

Spark’s dynamic configuration will map to your org structure, no matter how complex, and consolidate your processes so you can surface a single view of data and insights across multiple divisions, take rapid action, reduce tech bloat, and create cost efficiencies.

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