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Content authoring
with Evolve.

Expertly write, design, and build unforgettable learning content with Evolve.

Evolve is an intuitive authoring tool that allows you to quickly build unforgettable elearning content. We have built a reputation for delivering rich HTML-based learning experiences through Evolve elearning content, creating training to service some of the most influential companies worldwide.

learning in your organisation.

Evolve is fully responsive and focuses on using active learning to engage and challenge learners. Our design team is fully fluent in Evolve course authoring and elearning content creation, allowing them to work quickly as an extension to your inhouse team. We also offer Evolve authoring support to inhouse teams working with Evolve elearning development, offering training workshops for internal capability building.

Evolve works best for
projects that:

  • Need to work across all devices
  • May include system simulations
  • Need to be rolled out as large programmes
  • Have a rapid development time
  • Require a cost-efficient solution
  • Require customisation and branding
  • Must integrate with a SCORM LMS
  • Include videos and media

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