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High-quality content is an essential first step for learning initiatives – but successful learning experiences don’t stop there. A great learning programme also needs supporting activity to lay the foundations, encourage engagement and follow up on the learning process.

If you want your learning to cut through the noise and make a real impact, our bespoke digital campaigns can lift awareness, build excitement and foster genuine ownership at any scale.

Building engagement
at every stage.

Before learning begins, we communicate key messages, leverage platforms and create a unifying visual identity.

Internal Marketing
for Learning

Sponge can carry out research to find out who your learners are, what they care about, and how best to reach them. Understanding this can dramatically boost the likelihood of a successful learning intervention.

Sponge can initiate a technical discovery process to find out how best to promote your learning initiatives through your existing channels.

No learning programme is 100% perfect in the beginning. Recognising this, Sponge can help you move to a “launch, analyse, iterate” approach for continual improvement of results.

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