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simulation development.

Immersive experiences for unforgettable learning.

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Learning Simulations

Critical skills-building
in a realistic context.

Our bespoke digital learning simulations are developed to accurately replicate the realistic scenarios people face in their work life. They provide a safe environment to assess information, collaborate with others, make decisions in a given situation and experience the consequences.

in action.

Business simulations are a hands-on, interactive experience that allow participants to truly engage in the learning. They offer a range of benefits, including:

Risk-free decision-making

Recreate real world high-pressure simulations and enhance knowledge transfer in a risk-free environment.

Multiplayer environment

Make learning engaging through high levels of interactions and unite remote workers in a multiplayer scenario.

Application of theory

Put theory into practice as you learn, and access real-time assessment data for in-depth feedback.

Accelerated learning

Boost real-world confidence and competence in a controlled, risk-free environment.

Big picture thinking

Empower learners to see and understand the wider strategic picture, from top to bottom of the organisation.

Learning through

Successful business simulation exercises don’t just teach learners about scenarios they are facing, they show them how they can work together to solve problems.

Improving critical thinking.

Involving people actively in their own learning increases motivation and builds a diverse understanding.

Achieving better results together.

Learning from a colleague’s approach to a situation and their industry knowledge offers additional insight and the potential to probe further.

Increasing knowledge-sharing.

Cooperation across different teams that don’t usually work together enables knowledge transfer.

Case study

GSK – VaxSim.

GSK employees experience running their own global vaccines business with our multimedia business simulation, brought to life with video, gaming, role-play and cooperation.

Achieve unprecedented engagement, with Sponge.

Relevant and exciting learning experiences.

By mixing elements of cooperation, competition and decision-making with feedback and repetition, Sponge creates bespoke digital learning simulations that leverage gamification, modern technology and media.

Key elements we incorporate into your bespoke simulations include:

  • The recreation of realistic business challenges unique to your organisation
  • A blend of physical tasks and advanced technology for maximum impact
  • Dynamic elements of competitive challenges to amplify engagement

Let’s talk about business simulation.

We work closely with our customers to deliver bespoke elearning solutions that keep people engaged, motivated and inspired.

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About Sponge Learning Science

The science of learning has much to teach us about the way humans, and the human brain, learn best. It brings together research from neuroscience, education, psychology and other disciplines to provide a more complete picture of how learning really happens.