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Technical delivery.

Sponge’s learning systems expertise runs broad and deep. Although we offer our own LMS and analytics solutions for superior user experience and deeper insights, we are able to work within your existing tech ecosystem and manage any implementation strategy on any LMS.

We also have extensive experience integrating our own technology within existing systems to add functionality and streamline deployment – so even large-scale global rollouts become straightforward.

Technical expertise.


From enterprise to open source, we can manage any implementation strategy on any LMS you use.

Multi-device and workflow delivery.

We deliver across multiple platforms and devices – web-based, mobile-ready and in the flow of work.

Rapid delivery solutions.

Need it quick? With one of the leading digital learning production houses worldwide, we can create bespoke solutions at speed.

Analytics and insights.

Our Learning Performance Platform pairs with our content for question-level insights into learner behaviour.
Learning technologies consultancy.

Confused about platforms and tools? We can help.

Sponge’s expertise in learning systems makes us an ideal partner if you are unsure what platforms and tools you need for authoring, deployment or campaigns. We can also show you how to augment your existing learning ecosystem to better reach your audience.

  • Guidance for external/extended enterprise deployment
  • Strategies for offline & remote audiences
  • Social technologies learning strategies
  • Technology-aided translations

A flexible,
integrated LMS.

With a range of advanced features to help learning managers and users, our LMS is specially designed to create unforgettable learning outcomes.

Precision testing with the
Learning Performance Platform.

Sponge’s Learning Performance Platform is a premium analytics tool that tracks fine-grained data from users and transforms it into digestible insights. With a quick-look dashboard customisable to your chosen metrics, you can review detailed results and visualisations in just a few seconds.

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