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VR & AR for
immersive learning.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are powerful training tools. Immersive learning experiences empower behaviour, grow knowledge, and develop empathy – often with greater efficacy than other training methods.

At Sponge, we can help create realistic and meaningful VR scenarios. As the technology becomes more familiar, it’s vital for businesses to consider new modes of learning that can offer a greater impact than other approaches.

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VR for more
effective learning.

VR in particular has been shown to be more enjoyable and easier to concentrate on when compared with learning games and written documents.

In a pilot study we undertook, participants reported significantly greater learning satisfaction with VR compared to other learning methods. Our study revealed that 90% of participants said they would feel valued if their employer offered VR, and 100% of participants said they would feel like they worked for an innovative organisation if they received VR training. Clear evidence that immersive learning technologies and methods can be impressive ways to attract and retain talent.

When to use
VR and AR.

Do your people operate in a REDI – Risky, Expensive, Dangerous or Inaccessible – environment? Oli rigs, energy plants, manufacturing, working at heights or with dangerous materials, all fall into this category.

If your people learn best by doing but it’s unsafe for them to enter the real environment without a degree of competence and capability, bespoke VR learning is a great solution. We can help create realistic and meaningful VR scenarios to help people practice staying safe with no risk to themselves or the business.

How do you currently bring your global locations to life for employees working from home around the world?

We can develop bespoke VR interactions to capture your locations around the globe, allowing new starters to feel connected in large organisations, during the onboarding process and beyond.

Bespoke AR for elearning is uniquely placed to provide information to people when they need it, without disrupting the workflow. By augmenting instructions, visuals and guidance into the existing environment, people can access what they need immediately as a performance support tool.

Case study

Royal Mail –
Pioneering dog safety training using VR.

Our interactive VR experience allows users to walk through a realistic postal shift encountering dog safety hazards and make decisions to keep themselves safe.

Working with Sponge
on bespoke VR and AR development.

Creative learning solutions for your organisation.


We’re experts in designing immersive learning solutions. We consider staging for VR and AR environments, create spatial sound, advise on locations, 3D modelling and technical requirements for development and roll out.


Our mobile AR and VR is developed to be flexible across diverse locations to reach learners all over the world. We deliver immersive interactive solutions on desktop, tablet and mobile for a flexible learning experience that suits you and your learners.


We work with you closely to create authentic, imaginative and impressive learning experiences. Creativity is a discipline, requiring us to understand your learner context, find an elegant solution and execute it to the highest standards.

Want to know more about our VR and AR solutions?

We work closely with our customers to deliver bespoke elearning solutions that keep people engaged, motivated and insprired.

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