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sustainability training.

Big ambitions; small team? For learning and sustainability leaders who want to scale up sustainable workplace practices, Sponge is the full-service L&D partner that delivers transformational sustainability learning.

We're here to help you create top-of-the-line sustainability training that caters for an audience of learners that are increasingly knowledgeable on the topic, demonstrates your commitment to sustainability in business, and delivers learning that helps your people and the planet alike. 

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Global scale.

Creative ingenuity, delivered at scale. We're used to serving global learner bases for many of the world's biggest brands.

Consultative and personal.

Big ambitions succeed through great relationships. We'll challenge and support you to create solutions for sustainability in business that really work.


Sustainability training that can be created from scratch and localised for different teams. We tailor learning to fit your organisation's individual needs.

Analytics focus.

All our programmes and platforms are designed to improve learning experiences through data.

Sustainability training insights report

Discover sustainability enablement trends.

This report explores the tactics large corporates are using to scale up sustainable workforce behaviours: a must-read for anyone responsible for sustainability commitments this year.


of Mastercard consumers say it’s now more important than before that companies behave in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way.

With small teams, limited resources, and ambitious public commitments, in 2023 sustainability leaders are testing innovative ways to leverage training and L&D to motivate teams across manufacturing, procurement, and supply chains to generate momentum towards green goals.

Tom Griffiths

Learning Experience Consultant, Sponge

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How can Sponge help?

Sponge has an unmatched range of services and products to help with sustainability in business.

Start the job right. Our learning strategists can help you shape best-practice learning and communications.

If you need training that responds to differing needs within your workforce – from senior managers to frontline teams – we can create a custom solution for you.

Sponge’s analytics capabilities enable detailed assessments of whether your learning programmes are really facilitating change in your organisation.

Our huge range of quick and easy skills-based microlearning helps employees negotiate all sorts of new business situations.

Don't just take our word for it

The Kraft Heinz
case study.

Our partnership with Kraft Heinz led to the development of the Sustainability Master's campaign, creating a cohort of individuals skilled and experienced enough to advocate for Procurement Sustainability across Kraft Heinz' global regions.

Avoid 'corporate cringe'

Sustainability training 
that 'wows.'

Audiences are increasingly aware of the challenges around sustainability, meaning the risk of appearing to greenwash with insincere or inauthentic messaging and half-baked training is higher than ever. Our experts are here to help you garner the all-important buy-in for your sustainability training. 

Explore our
ESG solutions.

Our tailored learning programs are meticulously crafted to align with your organisation's specific needs and challenges. We equip you with the ability to delve into detailed learner engagement data both before and after program implementation. The implementation of ESG learning has never been easier.

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Sponge is your full-service L&D partner to scale up your sustainable workplace practices and deliver transformational training.

Whether you are at the early stages of forming your learning programmes, or further advanced in your journey, Sponge can act as an extension of your team to co-create strategic learning programmes – without you having to do all the heavy lifting.

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