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Change &

Organisational change takes many forms. Whether it’s digital transformation, rebranding, expansion, relocation, a merger or a culture shift, most organisations will at some point go through a period of change that is filled with both opportunities and hazards.

To help ease the transition, Sponge offers flexible digital learning that supports you and your people. First, we work with you to understand the journey you’re on; then we create digital learning solutions that help employees understand the changes underway while also encouraging their development. Options range from one-off training events to long-term bespoke programmes delivered worldwide in multiple languages. Whatever solution you choose, our tech and project expertise allows us deliver at any scale – so you can concentrate on the important things.

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Analytics focus.

Our bespoke learning pairs with an analytic approach so you can improve your learning strategy through data.

Global scale.

Get creative ingenuity delivered at scale. We're used to serving global learner bases for many of the world's biggest brands.

Consultative and personal.

Big ambitions succeed through great relationships. We'll challenge and support you to create change transformation solutions that really work.


While we have the full-service mix for technical deployment, our origins as a content brand mean we focus on outstanding learning, first.

How can Sponge help?

Sponge has an unmatched range of services and products to help with organisational change transformation.

Start the job right. Our learning strategists can help you shape best-practice learning and communications.

If you need training that responds to differing needs within your workforce – from senior managers to frontline teams – we can create a custom solution for you.

Our huge range of quick and easy skills-based microlearning helps employees negotiate all sorts of new business situations.

Impact analysis

Sponge’s experts work with you to enable and analyse detailed assessments of whether your learning programmes are really facilitating change in your organisation.

Find your ideal change solution.

Change transformation –
what’s your preferred way of learning?

With Sponge you can choose from a range of bespoke, adaptable or off-the-shelf solutions.

Our off-the-shelf change transformation solutions include:

  • Courses for change management skills.
  • Digital transformation skills courses.

Library content for change and transformation.

We can tailor courses to your unique requirements: 

Our bespoke solutions can incorporate: 

  • Role-play through game-based learning. 
  • Augmented reality. 
  • Blended learning.  
  • Video.
  • Microlearning. 
  • Competitive learning. 
  • Simulations. 
  • Quiz-based learning. 

Explore bespoke digital learning.

Corporate identity.

For organisations undergoing mergers or global rebrands, a digital solution can help employees understand what’s going on.


Digital transformation and other restructuring plans can be introduced to employees with engaging learning programmes.

Culture change.

Sometimes organisations and their people need to change how they relate to each other – and we’re here to help.

Process rollouts.

A major rollout can create both anxiety and uncertainty – but good learning solutions can help provide the necessary reassurance.

Insights to
fine-tune transformation.

Our bespoke learning programmes are designed around your organisation and its unique aims – but beyond that, they also allow you to track granular data on learner engagement pre- and post-launch. Put simply, this helps you to assess whether your training is working to embed cultural change – so you can easily course-adjust if needed.

Case studies



Transforming online driving theory tests for safer drivers.

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United Nations

Bespoke comprehensive online training to unify the voice of an organisation.

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Using gamification to empower Brand Ambassadors.

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