Digital Learning for Successful Culture Transformation

Culture transformation – from digital transformation or business rebranding to organisational restructuring or culture change; the chances are, your organisation is going through or preparing for some sort of transformation right now.

But as commonplace as cultural transformation may be, according to KPMG, more than half of organisations who’ve undergone transformation have failed to achieve their desired business goals.

On the other hand, companies that do get it right, reap the benefits.


One of the major reasons for failure is not adopting a holistic approach that puts your people at the heart of the transformation process.

Customising training to meet the differing needs of your workforce – from senior managers to frontline teams – is vital.

Equipping everyone for change with digital learning

Digital learning is a particularly useful tool for ongoing culture transformation education, especially if you’re trying to maintain a consistent message to employees spread across many locations or countries. Elearning can fit in your organisation’s current Learning Management System (LMS) – just one of the reasons for it also being a cost-effective training option for larger companies.

The norm is for an elearning module to be offered as a one-off training event, but transformation should never be viewed as a quick win. Change management learning programmes need to be long-term – an ongoing blended or campaign approach to achieve success effectively and consistently.

If your organisation is on a journey, don’t leave your people behind. Take them with you by ensuring everyone has the same opportunities to understand, upskill, improve and evolve.

Empowering your people to thrive through cultural transformation

At Sponge, we work with you to truly understand the journey you’re on; then create and deliver digital learning that empowers your people to succeed throughout your culture transformation and beyond.

We support everyone with opportunities to understand, upskill, improve and evolve their knowledge so everyone’s on the same journey to success. We can create bespoke digital learning to help with:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Global rebrands
  • Digital transformation
  • Organisational restructures
  • System and process rollouts
  • Culture change

The digital learning programmes and technologies we deploy help people continually reinforce and improve their understanding. And the incorporation of translations and localisations as needed allows everyone to hear and absorb the same story.

Maximising interaction and engagement through your cultural transformation

Elearning which allows your employees to get actively involved is much more likely to contribute to cultural transformation.

We use a variety of tools to maximise engagement from interactive video and games to VR, AR and business simulations. Our focus is on choosing the most appropriate methods that work for your organisation.

Our bespoke elearning programmes take everyone on the same journey, empowering them to succeed and your business to evolve

Transforming your culture.

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