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Effective online training can reduce workplace accidents


Creating a positive Health and Safety culture is not something that happens overnight, an effective training solution which encourages trainees to be active in their learning rather than passive, can have a massive impact on employee mindset and behaviour. Studies have shown that when learners get to engage with their learning through interactive elements they stand a much better chance of retaining more information than if they were to simply read off a PowerPoint or out of a company handbook. 

In the article below we look at the different ways a good Learning Management System and compliance management system can be paired with high impact eLearning and can significantly reduce workplace accidents with effective online training.

Compliance Management System

An automated compliance training management system ensures that your organisation is not taking any risks when it comes to compliance training.  Sponge's LMS automatically reports on your level of compliance, and proactively ensures that the required proficiencies are kept up to date. Whether you need to ensure Health & Safety modules are completed within a week of someone starting a specific role, or ensure that you have 2 fire wardens in each physical location, you can 100% customise and automate the compliance management process.

The system automatically issues training based on your compliance rules. You can set a recap or refresh date when renewal is due. Our compliance management system can give you a bird's eye view of your organisation that makes it much easier to ensure that your organisation, from top to bottom, is up to speed with their health and safety training

Measuring compliance

Most companies keep a record of who has completed a health & safety course or who has read a training manual, but do you measure how much of a training course your colleagues have actually understood? What they remember a week later? 6 months later? Whether they are now comfortable using what they've learned in their day-to-day role?

Our in-depth reporting capabilities go much further than most other Learning platforms. Just knowing that someone has completed or passed training isn’t enough, we understand that a business needs to know how their learners find the training, where they struggle and where they thrive. Our LMS allows you to look at the meat and bones of your colleagues skills and knowledge, with in-depth reporting capabilities. You can view lots of different information on the training completed, like how long it took a trainee to complete the training, how long they took on a particular question, how many times they got a question wrong before they got it right and many, many more. One client found that colleagues were taking one average 12 attempts on a particular critical question - this sparked an immediate concern and a need to engage further training or risk a potential breach of safety.

Measuring your employees training allows businesses to really pin point who is struggling to understand particular aspects of your courses, as well as identify who is a health and safety champion. You can then use this information to further build a health and safety culture and focus your efforts in the right areas.

High impact online training Gamification

Our LMS is gamification ready and our eLearning modules are already optimised for a gamified eLearning approach. How can gamification help reduce workplace accidents? Well, we use gamification to increase user engagement. The more engaged your learners are with their training material the higher chance they’ll have of retaining more information. Studies have shown that video games can stimulate the release of dopamine and therefore make you want to keep playing and playing the game. This means that, if you effectively gamify online training, there is a similar - although slightly diluted – effect. Furthermore, when you achieve a reward or move up a level in a game, endorphins release in your brain and make you feel like you’re achieving something and create a sense of excitement. League tables can take it even further and add a level of competition. All in all, gamification is a great way of encouraging learners to get involved in their training. The more involved they feel with their learning, the more likely they are to retain it and adhere to it.

Role Plays

We incorporate role plays into our eLearning modules, they are a vital tool for making practical eLearning that will influence an employee’s performance and behaviour. Worried that a particular member of staff isn’t taking their health and safety training seriously? A role play scenario is a great way to show the importance of a particular area of health and safety as well as getting them to be active in their response to the situation. Trainees have to react in real time to real world problems and come up with responses and solutions quickly but you don’t have to worry about the consequences of them getting it wrong. Role plays are a great way that we can encourage user engagement and interaction whilst at the same time not compromising on the power and potency of your health and safety message.

Adaptive Learning

By asking learners a set of questions before they undergo their training, we can quickly determine the strengths and weaknesses of an individual and adapt their training to suit them. Adaptive Learning can find the gaps in health and safety knowledge and issue training based on these gaps. The result is that every learner is only issued the training which is relevant to them; meaning they don’t have to go through material they already have a good understanding of. With adaptive learning your learners get to enjoy the challenge of learning something new as well as improving on areas where they were struggling. This leads to an all-round much more effective health and safety training solution where your trainees feel as though they have ownership of their learning and as such, take much more pride in their learning. 

Contact us today to reduce workplace accidents in your organization. Feel free to also ask us about our Virtual Reality capabilities and other exciting innovations we have in the pipeline that can deliver effective safety training to your business.