Learning Management System Reporting and Analytics

Learning Management System Reporting and Analytics enable you to see the progress of your trainees in real time thanks to the cutting-edge technology that powers Spark.

When measuring the effectiveness of a learning intervention, it is not enough to just know if your trainees have passed or failed. You need a system that can provide you with detailed analytics - for example, seeing how much time they took to read, analyse and answer a question or which question gave them the most difficulty. Spark is an invaluable tool for gaining deeper clarity on your learners understanding and knowledge, particularly for business-critical topics.

Report and track learning with LMS reporting and analytics

Spark LMS has an interactive reporting and analytics tool that can show you exactly where your learners have challenges, which elements or modules they breezed through, where they struggled or lost focus. It identifies where learners have trouble understanding content, down to a particular question, be it the knowledge of your brand or a particular skill.

Data Visualisations to help you understand and build a picture of actionable next steps

Spark LMS utilises multiple inhouse data visualisation tools to help organisations to analyse and interpret the data that is generated by the learning being accessed on the platform. Tracking completion data, compliance adherence, engagement metrics, capability assessments and learning uptake, you are able to customise and filter these visualisations to identify business units, campaigns, teams or even individuals in a matter of seconds.

The analytics are specific to the manager accessing them, showing only the details pertinent to that manager, allowing them to drill down through regions, divisions or departments to see how individuals are progressing. The manager can:

  • View the learning data by module
  • View the learning data by organisational unit
  • Observe changes over time
  • Follow timelines of users through modules
  • Discover how learners answered in quizzes and exams
  • Export the data in a spreadsheet
  • Track engagement and survey results
  • Filter insights through easy to use drop downs
  • Track engagement as users interact with key sections of learning content

Talent & Capability Manager, McColls

Karyn Psyl-Thomson

"Working with Sponge has allowed us to provide even more quality training to raise the knowledge, capability and engagement levels of our colleagues and give us detailed analytics to identify any opportunities to grow."

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