Learning Management System (LMS) compliance management

Deliver large-scale compliance programmes with confidence, by applying LMS technology to track elearning compliance.

Sponge’s compliance management is provided through the next generation Learning Management System (LMS), Spark. Spark tracks elearning compliance via a dashboard that gives a simple, impactful and real-time visual representation to allow compliance management within your company. No matter the size of your compliance management programme, within seconds you can get a birds eye view of what’s really going on and dive into real detail when you need to understand more at a business unit, team or individual level.

Compliance management ensures that a company is abiding by industry regulations and government legislation and is necessary for risk mitigation. However, it is often seen as complex, time-consuming and difficult to deliver.

A Compliance Management system is critical for businesses where non-compliance presents a high risk. The challenges in this environment are plenty: from the health and safety of employees, data breaches leading to monetary loss and reputational damage, to falling foul of laws created to combat financial crime.

In all these instances, there are external bodies that require evidence that employee training has taken place. With our Learning Management System, Spark, this evidence is collected, collated and laid out in a cohesive manner that is accessible and easy to understand.

Create your own compliance management rules

Compliance rules are built up of proficiencies to apply to a part of the organisational structure (region, branch, etc.) or job roles. For example:

  • Every region must have at least 30% of staff trained in First Aid
  • Every office must have at least 2 members of staff trained as a Fire Marshal
  • All members of staff must take Display Screen Equipment training
  • All members of staff must complete their induction training within 7 days of starting
  • All team leaders must be trained in people management
  • Each proficiency has an effective period and can be set to be capable of being extended should appropriate training material be completed.

Compliance reporting

With LMS elearning, compliance is easy to embed as the system automatically reports on compliance management, allowing managers to drill down through the organisation to see in detail where compliance rules are being followed, highlighting where individuals haven’t completed or maintained their required proficiencies.

Simplify compliance management with Spark.

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