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Why Sponge?

At Sponge, we understand that real behavioural change can only come from the marriage of hearts and minds. That’s why we bring magic to logic - combining creative ingenuity, market-leading design and production, and advanced technology to create unforgettable solutions.

For ambitious learning leaders who want to elevate the role of learning in their organisation, innovate, and substantiate their decisions: Sponge is the partner of choice.

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How do we make learning unforgettable?

Our learning solutions are underpinned by learning science to ensure they really work. We employ a consultative approach to help solve large-scale learning challenges in global organisations, with data-driven outcomes. The long-term relationships we have with our clients are a testament to the success of our learning strategy – one that ‘wows’ and ‘works’.

What makes Sponge different?

Sponge is an experience first, full-service learning provider, covering learning strategy, systems, and content. We’re different because we focus on delivering a premium experience for the learner. Our early origins as a bespoke production house have left a lasting legacy, ensuring our focus is always on creativity, engagement, and effectiveness of learning complemented by a full tech-enabled wrap of services.

Subject matter experts.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).

We have acquired one of Europe’s leading Governance, Risk, and Compliance learning specialists, which allows us to bring you genuine subject matter expertise in this key training area. Particularly in heavily regulated industries, learning solutions for compliance require a sound understanding of the subject matter itself. Our team of GRC experts helps global organisations unite learning best-practice with compliance best-practice, to drive compliant behaviour change for teams whose KPIs revolve around risk management.

Strategic partner.

Consultancy that guides global organisations.

We build long-term, consultative partnerships with our clients, to drive and shape learning cultures in their organisations. Through a cyclical process of consultative research, solution architecture, and impact analysis, we can raise the profile and role of learning in their organisations, from a nice-to-have to a cornerstone of business transformation.  

In 2022, we formalised this capability with the launch of The Practice, an in-house consultancy that leads on embedding strategic learning solutions. Our in-depth R&D hub enables us to deliver market-leading, and award winning, learning experiences that are trusted by our clients.

Transform your learning.

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