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Code of Conduct training.

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Key benefits.

Data collection from the pilot compliance training allowed for the full rollout of the digital learning solution to achieve unprecedented levels of granularity.

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3 mins.
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Data capture and analysis, compliance training, Learning Record Store, digital learning.


The in-depth understanding afforded by the data collection and analysis allows for boosted knowledge and confidence among Lundbeck’s employees.


Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical organisation committed to improving the quality of life of people living with brain diseases. Each year, the company runs its annual Code of Conduct training as a critical step to ensure that employees understand Lundbeck’s requirements and know how to act responsibly.

Lundbeck has partnered with Sponge to deliver a fully digital learning experience underpinned with enhanced data capture capability to measure the effectiveness. Lundbeck’s objective was to enhance learner’s understanding of specific areas in their Code of Conduct and support the employees’ application of the Code in day-to-day decision making.

Lundbeck continuously evaluates and improves the training to address the objective. The learning experience needs to be designed in a way that engages the learner and allows Lundbeck to measure effectiveness. The enhanced data capability Sponge offers would enable in-depth understanding of the learners and ensure that the yearly refreshed training addresses learning gaps, backed up by real data.

Challenges of deriving insights from data.

Lundbeck needed elearning that would reach a broad target audience of 6000 employees and contain the right level of detail in the training content. The elearning is further strengthened by face-to-face compliance training on a local level, in line with the messages defined in the global Code of Conduct learning experience.

Lundbeck also needed support in continuing their journey towards complete digital transformation, with a fully digital solution, capable of data capture and analysis. However, the Learning Management System (LMS) they use did not capture the level of data they needed.

Specifically, they needed a platform which can:

  • Gather evidence of engagement within a large and globally dispersed workforce.
  • Segment employees into learner groups according to the following criteria: regional /geographical, organisational (per job role), seniority (per years of service) and managerial status.
  • Segment learning into material risk areas of: Classifying information, Personal use of social media, Conflict of interest, Do the right thing.

Furthermore, learners needed to show a level of competence and confidence in the material risk areas outlined above, and an extra layer of data is required to enable further targeted learning.

At the end of the learning experience, Lundbeck also wanted learners to feel that it was valuable, helpful, and relevant. They should ultimately feel empowered by the solution, with a sense of responsibility around the Lundbeck Code of Conduct.

Sponge’s solution for capturing data insights.

Sponge proposed a Code of Conduct pilot for Lundbeck’s 6000 learners, based on the principles of learning science: engagement, reflection, application, and repetition.

Sponge created and delivered one module built in Ignite, our proprietary authoring tool which utilises xAPI and focuses on the learner experience. The module communicated complex messages in a simple and engaging way, with learning scenarios depicting real-life situations, rising in complexity and ambiguity.

The learning is tracked through Sponge’s unique data solution, a powerful xAPI-driven Learning Record Store (LRS) that dives deep into data, extracts data points and works seamlessly with Lundbeck’s existing LMS. The LRS tracked learner engagement, highlighted particular areas of difficulty the learners experienced, and provided an overview on their confidence during the 60-day data collection period.

The goal was to understand learner’s behaviour, which was achieved through collecting learner feedback and identifying insights from the answers they provided.

Results of data insights on effective learning experiences.

Through data gathered, the critical risks to the business were identified, by pinpointing the areas where employees needed more clarity and confidence. Sponge’s solution enabled segmentation into learner groups and reported on how each group responded to nuanced questions and real-life scenarios.

The Sponge solution was able to ask compliance questions that allowed for an unprecedented level of granularity, which enabled Lundbeck to identify countries and business units where learners would benefit from more training.

The solution was also able to assess learners’ level of confidence in detail within each topic and scenario, and to identify where additional targeted learning was needed. This would enable Lundbeck to commission more learning experiences to ensure that employees understand Lundbeck’s requirements and know how to act responsibly.

The actionable insights based on our findings justify the development of the next phase of digital learning, focusing on the gaps and continuous improvement.

The in-depth understanding, continuously backed by data, will enable Sponge and Lundbeck to create learning experiences that will generate more impactful results and boost knowledge and confidence among Lundbeck’s employees.

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