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PODCAST: Frontline enablement - with JD Dillon.


In episode eleven of The Unforgettable Learning Podcast, JD Dillon, author of "The Modern Learning Ecosystem", shares insights on enabling frontline workforces earned through over 20 years of experience. From rethinking management training to preparing for AI disruption, this episode has it all.

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Frontline enablement – with JD Dillon.

JD Dillon brings over 20 years of experience enabling frontline workforces, from his start as a Disney cast member to roles in L&D and authoring “The Modern Learning Ecosystem”. In this wide-ranging discussion, JD shares insights on what sparked his passion for frontline training - tracing it back to the excellent onboarding he received at his first job. He discusses the pivotal role of frontline employees in executing daily operations, highlighting the opportunity for learning innovations to better support these frontline "heavy lifters". 

JD explores an overlooked burnout crisis brewing among frontline managers. He advocates innovative strategies to make these critical roles more sustainable long-term, including rethinking expectations, metrics, and development models. While corporate skills strategies can lack rigour in taxonomy and measurement, JD suggests the well-defined skills pathways common to frontline learning could inform strategies to improve development across broader employee groups. 

Drawing on concepts from his recent book, JD explains his framework for implementing disruption-ready learning ecosystems. From shared knowledge flows to performance support and reinforcement, he offers tangible examples to activate knowledge sharing across organisations. JD also prompts learning leaders to brace for AI disruption across operations - forecasting adoption timelines and inevitable workforce impacts. He recommends reskilling programs should prepare employees for how their roles will be enhanced by AI, rather than only teaching them to carry out their current duties. The focus should be on developing new capabilities that will be useful alongside AI systems. 

Throughout the discussion, JD blends strategic perspectives with tactical recommendations grounded in real frontline needs. Tune in for visionary insights from a leader dedicated to creating human-centered workforce experiences. 

Case study - Tesco

Boosting compliance
for a frontline workforce.

Tesco partnered with Sponge to improve their compliance learning offerings. Using Sponge's learning management system (LMS) called Spark, Tesco introduced micro-learning campaigns that were engaging, provided useful data, and simplified tracking for their Corporate Compliance Programme.

The main challenges Tesco faced were: delivering learning at scale to over 9,500 learners; consolidating multiple campaigns into one continuous solution; and distributing a high volume of micro-learning content. Goals included automating distribution and reporting; implementing micro-learning for efficiency; driving engagement beyond compliance; and leveraging behavioral insights from learning data.

The "Little Learning Leaps" campaign streamlined compliance learning by uploading micro-learning modules directly into Spark. Clear dashboards and reporting gave visibility into training status. Post-launch outcomes included a 90%+ completion rate across all content, over 204,000 training modules allocated, and consolidated reporting.


completion rate across all content.

We wanted to change the delivery of our compliance learning from set-piece modules to something nimbler that was better targeted to different teams and could be completed without breaking their run of work. The Little Learning Leaps campaign has delivered just that and the feedback from colleagues has been excellent.

David Ward

Ethics & Compliance Director, Tesco

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