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Home / Resources / PODCAST: L&D trends for 2024 – with David Kelly.

PODCAST: L&D trends for 2024 – with David Kelly.


In episode 9 of The Unforgettable Learning Podcast, David Kelly, CEO of The Learning Guild, shares his insights into L&D's state of play in 2024.

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L&D trends for 2024 – with David Kelly.

As CEO of The Learning Guild, David Kelly offers an unmatched perspective on the current state of play in L&D. He is committed to advancing the industry, running large-scale events like Learning 2023 and DevLearn, and keeping a sharp eye on the emerging themes that will define L&D in 2024.

In this episode, David discusses the value of building community in L&D and the rapid adoption of AI and other emerging tech by L&D teams, while noting the slower progress in getting a strategic seat at the executive table. As DevLearn prepares for its 20th anniversary, David reflects on key milestones and predicts more integration between formal learning and workplace experience powered by new technologies. Throughout the episode, his expertise offers insider perspective on L&D's evolution and priorities like developing capabilities in AI implementation to stay ahead of rapid change.

Critically, David emphasises how AI will change the way organisations work, creating new expectations for the skills and curiosities L&D need to stay at the top of the game. Ultimately, he poses a provocative question – what will L&D teams do with the time gained from tech-enabled efficiencies?

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