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Home / Resources / PODCAST: Long-termism in learning – with Beth Chudley and Tom Griffiths.

PODCAST: Long-termism in learning – with Beth Chudley and Tom Griffiths.


In episode 7 of The Unforgettable Learning Podcast, Learning Experience Consultants from The Practice at Sponge, Beth Chudley and Tom Griffiths, discuss the ins and outs of long-term learning strategies – and how to build resilient partnerships that make innovation possible.

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Long-termism in learning – with Beth Chudley and Tom Griffiths.

In a world of tight budgets and an incredible rate of change, how can L&D leaders take a long-term view of progress? With the best part of two decades of learning design experience, Beth Chudley and Tom Griffiths, Learning Experience Consultants at Sponge, are well versed in supporting global organisations to achieve their lofty learning dreams. They have worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet, earning plenty of knowledge to share when it comes to implementing lasting learning strategies.

Beth and Tom address common issues cited by L&D teams and how a strategic view earlier on leads to longer term success. They discuss the nebulous nature of learning cultures and how, sometimes, innovating means being creative with a stripped back solution rather than wheeling out the latest gadget or gizmo to do the work for you.

Providing us with a peek into the world of learning consultancy, Beth and Tom share the ins and outs of learning design for lasting impact, from early learning needs analysis to how resilient partnerships can allow innovative approaches to flourish. They remind us that learning is always ultimately about helping human beings to thrive, and show how getting a learning partnership online early leads to greater return on investment, more trust, and learning solutions that stay with learners and businesses for the long-term.

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