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PODCAST: Measuring impact - with Kevin Yates.


In episode five of The Unforgettable Learning Podcast, we speak to Kevin Yates, the L&D Detective, about all things impact measurement.

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Measuring impact - with Kevin Yates.

Known as the L&D Detective, Kevin Yates has dedicated himself to finding the facts, clues, evidence, and data to demonstrate the impact of learning in organisations.

But, in this episode, he acknowledges this isn’t easy. It’s a challenge, in part because we need a mindset shift away from prioritising traditional metrics like attendance, utilisation, participation, and consumption, in favour of looking at organisational KPIs, to demonstrate impact.

Across industries, all companies are trying to achieve something - whether that’s increasing sales, decreasing cycle time, improving customer service, optimising product quality, maintaining customer service scores, or reducing errors.

Critically, L&D can’t do this alone: it takes a team to win and collaboration with other areas of the business to find success. Kevin also advocates for intentionality and specificity when designing learning programmes to make gains.

This candid, focused, and optimistic episode will guide and enthuse anyone tackling measurement in L&D and should be on the ‘must watch’ list for anyone just getting started.

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