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Home / Resources / PODCAST: Tech innovation for L&D - with Chad Udell.

PODCAST: Tech innovation for L&D - with Chad Udell.


In episode ten of The Unforgettable Learning Podcast, Chad Udell, CEO of SparkLearn and author of "Shock of the New," shares his vision for more personalised, engaging experiences powered by AI and emerging tech.

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Tech innovation for L&D – with Chad Udell.

As author of books like "Shock of the New," Chad Udell brings an innovative lens to the potential of emerging technologies to transform workplace learning. Committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, Chad shares insights from building mobile AR apps and adaptive learning platforms grounded in real business needs.

In this episode, Chad discusses staying on top of the latest tech signals, from academic research to startup trends, to identify ideas with traction. With examples like an inventory classifier app using AI and AR, he explains how new innovations can augment human skills. Chad also stresses the importance of digital literacy for learning leaders to evaluate and apply technology thoughtfully.

Looking ahead, he shares his vision for more personalised, engaging learning experiences powered by interoperability of data from HRIS to learning systems. As an expert guiding companies on their digital journeys, Chad prompts learning teams to revisit old assumptions on data access. He also expresses optimism about the potential for immersive tech like Apple's upcoming AR headset to drive new learning models.

Ultimately, Chad poses thought-provoking questions around how AI-enabled efficiencies could improve our quality of life if applied wisely - will we see shorter work weeks or more time for professional development? For learning innovators like Chad, rapid change brings opportunities to create human-centered technology use cases that solve real business challenges.

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