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Home / Resources / Sponge appoints Chief Creative and Learning Officer (CCLO) in move signalling an ‘elevated role for Strategic Learning Consultancy.’

Sponge appoints Chief Creative and Learning Officer (CCLO) in move signalling an ‘elevated role for Strategic Learning Consultancy.’


Sponge Learning announce the appointment of Josh Cardoz as its Chief Creative and Learning Officer (CCLO).

Bristol, 05.02.2024 - Sponge Learning, a leading provider of workplace learning solutions, today announced the appointment of Josh Cardoz as its Chief Creative and Learning Officer (CCLO). The learning provider describes this appointment as a strategic move to elevate the role of its learning consultancy services, and to reinforce its reputation for delivering world-class, experiential workplace learning.

As an accomplished enterprise learning strategist, Josh Cardoz brings a wealth of experience in addressing strategic learning challenges for large global organisations. His extensive background in digital learning strategy, execution, team upskilling, and speaking engagements positions him as an ideal leader to spearhead Sponge's in-house consultancy and thought leadership function, known as "The Practice." Notably, with the appointment of Cardoz who is based in Toronto, Canada, Sponge’s latest leadership decision signals its ambitions to grow its customer base and enhance its reputation in North America – a strategic move that aligns with Sponge’s aims to expand its global presence, particularly to organisations in the United States.

In his role, Cardoz will lead the growth of The Practice, focusing on talent acquisition and intellectual property development in Learning Strategy, Experience Strategy, Domain Expertise, and Measurement Strategy in learning. His aim is to bridge the gap between strategic consulting and end-to-end execution, providing Sponge clients with holistic solutions that demonstrably connect learning initiatives to business impact.

Josh Cardoz expressed his excitement about the new role, stating, "Learning & Development needs a strategic partner who can also execute. We’re building a system that will allow Sponge to consult deeply and strategically on complex workplace learning challenges – but then also deliver on those strategies with a high quality bar, end-to-end. Connecting L&D to organisational impact is a perennial problem that cannot be solved by tech alone – because it starts with strategy and needs to be embedded in the very design of the solution. To achieve this, you need to build truly consultative, end-to-end partnerships with your learning vendors."

Adam Poulter, CEO of Sponge Learning, commented on the significance of this appointment, saying, "This role and appointment have been in the works for a long time and are considered pivotal to our new focus on elevating the role of Strategic Learning Consultancy at Sponge. We were seeking a unique and unusual combination of traits: an enterprise strategist, through and through, but one who could also lead the evolution of the creative culture and pedigree that is so much the heart of what Sponge does right. In Josh, we’ve found this unique set of traits, and it’s been wonderful to see how our teams have already taken to his energetic and thoughtful brand of leadership."

About Josh Cardoz:

Josh Cardoz brings over a decade of experience in learning and development, with a diverse background that includes roles such as Senior Learning Strategist, Faculty Member at the University of Toronto, Head of Digital Learning Experience at BTS, and Principal Learning Strategist at SwissVBS. His leadership journey spans roles in digital learning strategy, solutions design, business development, and creative leadership. Josh is based in Toronto, Canada.