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Home / Resources / Sponge creates interactive elearning for UN Population Fund

Sponge creates interactive elearning for UN Population Fund


The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) recently commissioned Sponge to develop an elearning course on the topic ‘Speaking with One Voice’, designed to encourage consistent communication within the organisation.

The training, known as the ‘One Voice eOrientation’, forms part of a comprehensive and multilingual campaign for UNFPA staff worldwide that also includes face-to-face training and mobile resources.

The aim of the project is to equip all UNFPA staff with the tools to communicate, advocate and champion the organisation’s new vision, speak with one voice and to communicate better and more often about what they do and who they are - both internally and externally.

The elearning course has currently been rolled out in English and is now being translated into French and Spanish. It will be used by all levels of UNFPA staff across 150 countries.

Andrea Kinsman, Sponge Senior Project Manager, said:

“This was an extremely interesting project to work on. We wanted to create a sociable and inclusive learning experience so used illustrated characters to guide learners through the course and aide understanding. We also included a wide range of activities along with animations and videos to ensure the course was engaging for learners.”