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The story behind our name


People are often intrigued by our name and want to know why we chose it. The reason is quite simple. We believe sponges and elearning have a lot in common.

Sponges exist to do four vital things: absorb, filter, retain and grow.

They absorb water and filter it through their pores and channels, sorting through the particles and retaining anything that is useful to them. They then use the things they’ve retained to enable them to grow and thrive in their environments.

We believe that good elearning should stimulate people’s brains to act like sponges.

When there’s an ocean of information, learners’ minds can become saturated and the truly important things get lost in the murky waters. So when we create an elearning course, we always ensure it is relevant, clear and compelling, so that learners can absorb it quickly and easily.

Our elearning also enables learners to filter information. We put learning structures in place so that learners can make sense of the things we want them to know. We help their brains to sort through the information and make associations so that they really understand it.

And we design interactions which facilitate retention of all the useful things. Our courses encourage learners to make choices and practice what they’ve learnt in a safe environment. This builds their confidence so they feel ready to apply their new knowledge and skills in the real world.

The result is that the learners grow and develop, and go on to thrive in their environments. Just like sponges.