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“Sales” doesn’t stay in one place – and neither can salespeople. Products today are increasingly sold on the basis of a vast range of features, which salespeople need to know better than any potential customer. And customers are more knowledgeable about sales and selling than ever before, adding a further layer of complexity.

All this means that salespeople need clear, up-to-date product information, as well as continual freshening of their sales skills – all around a busy schedule and usually on the move. To address these needs, Sponge offers a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke sales enablement solutions that respond to the needs of salespeople and customer-facing employees in every sector.

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Global scale.

Creative ingenuity, delivered at scale. We're used to serving global learner bases for many of the world's biggest brands.

Consultative and personal.

Big ambitions succeed through great relationships. We'll challenge and support you to create sales enablement solutions that really work.


Product training for sales can be created from scratch and localised for different units if your teams are spread far and wide.

“Just-in-time” learning.

Learning can be delivered in short, targeted bursts – easy to digest for busy salespeople who need the essentials.

Why Sponge?

Sponge has an unmatched range of products and services to help with sales enablement.

To find out how digital learning can provide effective sales enablement tools, just ask our learning consultants.

If your organisation has unique sales enablement needs, we can create custom solutions just for you.

Sponge offers a huge range of tailorable microlearning to help your employees boost their skills and meet new sales demands.

Sponge’s analytics capabilities enable detailed assessments of how your employees are engaging with your sales enablement tools.

Find your ideal sales enablement solution.

Sales enablement –
what’s your preferred way of learning?

With Sponge you can choose from a range of bespoke, adaptable or off-the-shelf solutions.

Our off-the-shelf sales enablement solutions include:

  • Courses for sales skills and strategy.
  • Courses for communications skills.

Library content for sales skills.

We can tailor courses to your unique requirements: 

Our bespoke solutions can incorporate: 

  • Role-play through game-based learning. 
  • Augmented reality. 
  • Blended learning.  
  • Video. 
  • Microlearning.
  • Competitive learning. 
  • Simulations. 
  • Quiz-based learning.

Explore bespoke digital learning.

New techniques.

Microlearning sales training is a convenient way to digest new sales techniques or reconsider familiar approaches.

Analyse personalities.

Understanding different personalities and responding appropriately is essential in sales: our upskilling content shows you how.


Our sales enablement courses focus on one of the most important sales techniques – how to negotiate in a way that gets results.

Identify performance gaps.

Learning data can help to identify skills or knowledge gaps so that training solutions can be provided to fill them.

Bespoke solutions to
fine-tune sales training.

Our bespoke learning programmes are designed around your organisation and its unique sales challenges – but beyond that, they also allow you to track granular data on learner engagement pre- and post-launch. Put simply, this helps you to assess whether your product training for sales is working – so you can easily course-adjust if needed.

Want to know more?

We’d love to hear from you with any questions about our sales enablement programmes.

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