Onboarding and Induction Training - The Perfect Opportunity to Engage, Excite & Empower

It’s getting harder to attract and keep hold of talent, especially with ever-greater competition and the challenges thrown up by the evolving workplace.

Quality onboarding and induction training programmes have never been more important – these stages are your biggest opportunities to inspire and engage new hires.

Traditional workplace inductions and their delivery methods aren’t enough to fire up your workforce anymore, let alone attract the best talent. The usual “all at once” approaches that result in information overload and lack of engagement are archaic. More dynamic, versatile methods are required, especially with the increase in remote working brought on by the changing landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As many organisations move from face-to-face training to entirely online learning, they are exploring new ways to connect with and inspire an increasingly remote workforce.

‘All-in-one’ tick-box-type onboarding and induction training can create a variety of challenges and barriers:

  • Time pressure – team leaders are always busy and face-to-face interaction is not always possible, especially these days!
  • Information overload – new employees can become swamped with the sheer volume of information they’re exposed to in the first few days and weeks of starting a new job.
  • Mixed or inconsistent messages – inevitably, messages may get lost or changed when delivered to new starters by different managers or trainers.
  • Access to senior managers – time in the diary for company leaders to meet new staff can be difficult (to say the least).

For onboarding and induction programmes that nurture and retain the top talent, you need creativity and a fresh approach backed by the latest in learning science…


The benefits of modern, dynamic onboarding and inductions

Modernising onboarding and induction training isn’t just great for attracting and retaining the best people, there’s direct benefits for your business too.

For instance, with dynamic bespoke digital onboarding, there’s the opportunity to reduce staff turnover by boosting employee engagement and improving efficiency by getting new starters up to speed faster.

At Sponge, we tailor onboarding and inductions to help your people and your business grow by:

  • Inspiring and engaging new people so they’re excited about joining your business
  • Applying innovative technologies to support flexible onboarding for global teams
  • Tracking and measuring the progress of onboarding to meet specific performance goals

We excel with onboarding and induction programmes by using a variety of advanced techniques and innovative technologies:

For global onboarding, you’re faced with numerous additional challenges such as projecting and embedding your corporate culture and values precisely and consistently on a global scale. These can be supported with effective translation and localisation via a combination of human expertise and advanced technology.

Coca-Cola used gamification techniques to reach thousands of its brand ambassadors in 10 countries across Europe, ensuring consistent messaging, embracing the company’s culture from the start.

Gamification techniques for Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola used gamification techniques to reach thousands of its brand ambassadors in 10 countries across Europe, ensuring consistent messaging, embracing the company’s culture from the start.

Gamification at Coca-Cola

Why choose Sponge for your onboarding and induction training needs?

Global onboarding experience – delivering consistent and cost-effective inductions across worldwide teams and translations for global rollouts.

  • Award-winning designers – we apply our industry-leading expertise to your onboarding challenges.
  • Dynamic technologies – to enable pre-boarding and continuous onboarding throughout your business.
  • Employee experience experts – creating onboarding solutions to engage and inspire new employees.
  • Fresh thinking – innovating to challenge traditional onboarding norms to deliver more.

At Sponge, we begin with a deep investigation, putting people at the heart of onboarding, unleashing their potential and setting new employees up for success.

And the time and effort we put into discoveries is reflected in our onboarding and induction programmes – they’re thorough and designed to make all that important information stick and resonate.

After all, onboarding should never be a one-off event. At least, not if you want to retain your new starters and arm them with the skills to thrive and contribute.

For effective onboarding, the latest learning science methods should be applied. Learning in smaller chunks, reinforcement via a learning platform and integration into the working day – and all delivered through technology and techniques that will enhance information retention and engagement…

  • Quizzes
  • Social learning
  • Games and gamification
  • Nurturing of online communities
  • Leveraging of company networks
  • Creation of virtual environments

Induction and onboarding tailored to your business

The most successful induction training programmes have one thing in common – they are customised and they are rooted in proof of concept.

For the best approach and to reap the full benefits of quality onboarding and induction training, Sponge can work with you to create a tailored programme.

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