Adapt Authoring Tool for Custom Elearning Content

We create highly interactive responsive elearning content using Adapt, a unique open-source content authoring tool.

Built by a community of committed developers and UI experts, the Adapt authoring tool is a well-supported responsive elearning framework created in HTML5.

It’s flexible, with a range of quiz and question options, customisation features and an authoring interface for updating bespoke content easily.


When to consider Adapt authoring tool

We use Adapt for elearning content projects that:

  • Need to work across all devices
  • Need to strongly convey your branding
  • Require a range of interaction types
  • May need custom developed enhancements
  • Must integrate with a SCORM LMS
  • Include videos and media

We've trained global companies – from the tech sector and beyond - in the use of Adapt so internal teams are self-sufficient with content authoring. We can provide guidance on best practice for learning design as well as offering suites of templates and technical tips and tricks.

Adapt may suit you if your company has a preference for open-source, free-to-use software. And, coupled with our technical development capability, further customisations that meet your specific requirements can be achieved by building Adapt plugins.

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