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UNFPA employees speak together with ‘One Voice’ after the release of an interactive training programme developed by Sponge that combines strong visuals, engaging video clips and authentic role-play scenarios in a bright and fun elearning experience.

The goal of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe and the potential of every young person is fulfilled.

Why does the UN need to communicate with confidence?

With 3,000 staff working in 150 countries, it’s a challenge to ensure everyone is communicating the organisation’s aims and impact consistently. With mounting pressure on funding resources for development projects globally, it’s never been more important for the UNFPA to speak with a single voice. Having devised a new global communications strategy, the organisation needed to share it with new and existing employees in a way that would empower and inspire them.

With such a diverse international workforce, the UN were facing a few key challenges:

  • Orientating new employees and building their knowledge on core strategy
  • Increasing confidence to communicate consistently
  • Connecting to a diverse workforce in multiple languages


How did Sponge help the UN to communicate with confidence?

An immersion workshop at UNFPA HQ in New York enabled our creative team to understand the challenge, audience, context and existing resources. We then set about designing a comprehensive online training programme called One Voice.

Using strong visuals, engaging video clips and authentic role-play scenarios, the online learning brings the UNFPA communications strategy to life for the organisation’s employees. It’s informative, bright and fun, enabling the global workforce to better understand the strategic purpose of clear and consistent communications.

Bespoke animations, designed and created by our in-house team, convey key messages in a clear and engaging way. By using creative, relatable characters from around the world, the elearning empowers employees to do their part in spreading the word about the work and value of UNFPA.

The module was released in English, French and Spanish. More than a third of UNFPA staff have completed the digital learning programme, which is now a core requirement for all new starters in the organisation.

The results

  • 99% of employees surveyed reported more confidence in communicating
  • 95% said the learning helped them improve their work outcomes
  • 1,100 global workers were upskilled in the new ways of communicating

Giving your employees more confidence in communication.

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