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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Series The burning questions L&D should be asking about the metaverse.

Amongst L&D professionals, the metaverse might seem like a distraction from the abundance of daily priorities they are tackling. But is this something that L&D should be taking seriously, now? Might it in fact contribute to more effective and efficient learning strategies? What can L&D do to get ahead?

Thought Leadership Series LT22 Seminar: How to progress on the data maturity scale.

In this presentation, filmed at Learning Technologies 2022, Sponge’s Head of Product Innovation Zach Romain discusses the four-stage data maturity model, and the six steps for progressing an organisation along the data maturity scale.

Thought Leadership Series Building Workforce Resilience, Part 1: The Need.

When skills needs are both ‘soft’ and ‘digital’, where should you invest? Over the next three articles, we’ll explore how learning leaders can build a more resilient workforce by embedding skills at the core.