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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Series Coming soon: The Unforgettable Learning Podcast

Coming on June 7th to a streaming service near you, The Unforgettable Learning Podcast delves the minds of the brave and the bold of learning, creativity, and tech to find out what makes learning stay with you forever.

Downloads Emerging L&D Trends 2023 Report.

In an ever-shifting landscape, it is vital for L&D teams to keep their fingers on the pulse of the changes and developments within the industry and adapt their learning offerings accordingly. The Emerging L&D Trends 2023 Report focuses on three emerging trends that are set to make a difference in the world of L&D.

Thought Leadership Series Emerging trends in L&D: Separating the 'buzz' from the buzzwords.

Every year Learning Technologies provides us with a jolt of excitement about what’s to come in the world of L&D. There are plenty of hot topics on everyone's radar, but what are the key trends to look out for? Catch up on our recent webinar where learning experts from Sponge sort the buzz from the buzzwords and pinpoint the growing trends that will help your organisation flourish.

Thought Leadership Series 10 critical characteristics of effective learning.

How can L&D teams create amazing elearning solutions to keep up with the ever present demand from employee and employer alike? We've put together a list of 10 critical characteristics of effective learning so that you can create fantastic learning that sticks.

Thought Leadership Series 3 Focus Areas for Overcoming Digital Fatigue

Sponge explores the topic of digital learning fatigue with learning leaders from AstraZeneca, Google, and Deloitte, after identifying three key focus areas to address: culture, control, and content.