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the Sponge LMS.

Our dynamic LMS is designed to tailor to your organisation’s unique structure and processes. That means there’s no need to alter your workflows to the platform – Spark’s here to adapt to the way you want to run things.

With an intuitive tool that is configured to your needs, you can unite functions, drive agility and efficiencies, lighten admin load, and create space for strategic thinking. With Spark, you call the shots.

Do less,
but better.

This is the core principle behind Spark, designed to make content overload a thing of the past. You set the rules, the system ensures streamlined and rule-based automated workflows, and your learners see only the content that’s relevant to them.

Act fast
on clear insights.

Spark has won awards for surfacing actionable insights that lead to swift action. Gain a 10,000-foot view of key performance indicators and dive deep to access invaluable insights. Understand engagement, from onboarding to compliance, and make data-informed decisions to plug gaps and mitigate risks.

Easy to use.

Spark is intuitive: no instruction manual is required. Learn the system in 45 minutes with simple set up and onboarding.

Immediate insight.

Spark tells you the status of something at a glance and makes investigative approaches to deeper data straightforward and accessible.

Integrates for automation.

Spark will connect into your existing HR platform, so joiners and leavers are updated, the right training is assigned, and internal movers get the right training – all automatically.

The LMS for compliance.

Compliance training solutions: simplified, amplified, streamlined.

In the world of compliance, the journey never ends—it's a continuous effort. That’s why Spark is built to do the heavy lifting for you, so your compliance function can shift from a maintenance centre to a strategic one, identifying and preempting risk, and reacting with agility. Spark, the Sponge LMS is designed to:

  • Configure to your unique organisation structure.
  • Free up your learning team’s headspace with fool-proof rule-based automation.
  • Get users to straight to relevant learning with curated content.
  • Advance your data maturity with a bird's-eye dashboard and no-nonsense data insights.
  • Flex to your needs by seamlessly flowing from desktop, to mobile, and back again.

An LMS celebrated by the industry.

Expert consultancy

the platform.

Though your LMS is an essential and substantial feature of your people strategy, it is only one part of it. That’s why, when you opt for Spark, you get strategic consultancy built in over the course of each year. Through this time with our team, you'll have the chance to analyse needs gaps, get an expert view on your data, and receive support with shaping your wider learning and employee engagement strategy.

sector solutions.

Explore sector-specific learning solutions with a dynamic LMS that configures to your organisation’s unique needs.

Discover how Spark helps you to deliver unforgettable onboarding and make data-driven decisions about risk across workforces of 10,000+.

Spark is the LMS that gives your site workers compliance in their pocket, and goes hand-in-hand with RoSPA accredited Health and Safety courses, mental health and diversity content, and a library of 400+ soft skills modules.

Get swift, easy, and trackable onboarding for high volume roles, cultural engagement from onboarding to compliance, and plug-and-play content for just-in-time safety interventions.

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