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Information security.

Security of information and data is among the biggest challenges for organisations today. Protecting sensitive information like customer records or intellectual property has never been more important – but remote working has also made safeguarding information more difficult.  

Since every company needs to reduce the odds of information loss, employees need to be sensitised to the risks. Employees need to know how to handle passwords, devices and documents securely – but they also need to learn how to spot dangers both online and in person.  

To help organisations meet this challenge, Sponge now offers a learning programme designed to create better ways of working and a culture of information protection – tailorable to your organisation, whatever its scale. 

Keep your information secure.

Authoritative content.

Created by leading information security authorities alongside Sponge's learning science experts, our programme is designed to drive behavioural change – not just impart academic knowledge.

Customised to your needs.

Build a tailored programme through our Mix & Match modules and target specific knowledge gaps - or go fully bespoke.

Easy, fast deployment.

Seamless deployment through your existing LMS, or delivered with Sponge’s dedicated LMS solution.

In your language.

With ready-made options in English, German and French, and the capability to serve a wide range of other languages.

What our ready-made
programme offers.

Every organisation has different learning requirements and gaps in understanding that need to be filled. With our special Mix & Match system, your learning manager can work with our experts to identify the training modules employees need and the lesson type that suits them best – from text and images to video, animations and simulations.

Our information security learning programme sensitises your employees to data and information leaks, thus creating the necessary awareness to reduce the risks and protect your know-how. Modules include: 

  • Welcome. 
  • Protect information. 
  • Information classes. 
  • My password. 
  • Behaviour in public. 
  • IT network in the company: risks and protection. 
  • Safe workplace. 
  • Electronic communication. 
  • Social engineering. 
  • Responsibility in the company. 
  • Behaviour on social media. 
  • Cybercrime. 
  • Know-how protection (incl. trade secret law). 
  • IT security in the home office. 
  • Assessment.

Our Information Security learning programme has been created in consultation with Dr John Bizer, CEO of Dataport – the IT service provider for public administration in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Bremen. Dr Bizer was the deputy state commissioner for data protection in Schleswig-Holstein and is a long-standing co-editor of the magazine Datenschutz und Daten Sicherheit (Data Protection and Data Security), with numerous publications in the field of data and information protection. More information is available at

A number of companies rely on information security programmes from Sponge, including Bilfinger Berger, Infineon, LEONI and SAP.

Looking to create something special?

Sponge is industry-famous for cutting edge bespoke solutions. Clients come to us to set new standards for what an online compliance learning experience can be. When the topic is dry, the experience is everything.

tailored solutions.

Our range of services responds to your specific learning needs – whatever form they take.


Curious about how employees are learning? Want to know what gaps need filling? Our consultants can offer expert help.


Our award-winning bespoke solutions can make compliance a stimulating learning experience – not just a practical necessity.

Mix & Match Solutions.

Create a flexible, distinctive programme for your employees by picking and choosing from a range of different modules.

Find your solution

Find your ideal Information Security learning solution.

Information Security from ready-to-go,
to cutting edge and bespoke.

With Sponge you can choose from a range of bespoke, tailorable, or off-the-shelf solutions, and full deployment on an LMS if you need it.

Start with core content, and customise it to meet your specifications.

  • Mix and match content modules.
  • Customise to your brand style.
  • Select sector-specific content. 
  • Translate into many languages.

Explore our tailorable digital compliance training.

Some bespoke learning methods we work with: 

  • Role-play through game-based learning. 
  • Augmented reality. 
  • Blended learning.  
  • Video. 
  • Micro-learning. 
  • Competitive learning. 
  • Simulations. 
  • Quiz-based learning. 

Explore Bespoke Digital Learning with Sponge

Enhance your learning.

Sponge also provides optional content delivery and reporting systems to help you take control of your company’s learning.

Sponge LMS.

Our user-friendly Learning Management System makes it straightforward to manage compliance training and track users’ progress.

Learning goes deeper when it’s fun.

Cybersecurity Sorted is an engaging training game designed to make your employees the first line of defence against cyber threats. Learners are tasked with keeping the business safe from hackers, phishing and other everyday threats – working through the levels of the game to understand the different risks.

When it comes to learning, educational games aren’t just for fun – they’re also an incredibly effective way to onboard new employees, capture their attention, provide a safe space for practice, and reinforce knowledge at a practical level.

All Sponge games are available either as an off-the-shelf product or customisable to your brand, with flexible hosting options and translations available.


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